Memories of Majorca


Our press trip to Majorca seems such a long time ago but I’ve been left with lots of brilliant memories (and photographs!) and the completion of a lot of firsts for both me and Little Mr. All of which I would love to share with you.

Little Mr’s first foreign holiday

His passport application must have been the most stressful part of the whole trip. We had just over 4 weeks to complete the whole application process and get Little Mr a passport and to my surprise, his brand new shiny passport came back in 9 days! Wow!

It might have been only 4 days in the sunshine but it was Little Mr’s first foreign holiday. Of course, he wont remember it but hopefully he can look back on this blog one day and recall all the adventures I took him on.

little mr passport

The first plane journey for Little Mr

I’ve already blogged about it here but I was so proud of him (and me for not being wobbly on the plane!) even though the plane journey home was a bit of a struggle, he was so well behaved and this gives me hope for any future plane journeys we take together.

mrsshilts majorca spain

Proving to myself (and others) that I can do this

Before the trip, there were doubters that I could take both Little Mr on this trip, on a plane to a foreign country. I did it. Without any accidents, incidents or mishaps. In all honesty, I do struggle to get out the house. Sometimes, I just want to hide away at home without having to face anyone, playing with Little Mr, enjoying snuggles and doing our own thing. But I put myself forward for the trip as I like to challenge myself and never want my Son to suffer for my confidence issues. I am so chuffed with myself for the whole trip, I did myself proud!

Cala Millor Beach Majorca

Leaving Little Mr at creche

Again, I’ve blogged about this before but I left Little Mr at the creche because I wanted him to enjoy himself and to interact with the other children. I didn’t want him to suffer because I was going to find it hard leaving him and it would upset me. I am so glad he got the chance to play and try new things.

babyshilts creche

Enjoying Palma and the Aquarium

On the Wednesday of our trip we got to go to Palma Aquarium and enjoy a spot of sightseeing in the capital. Typically it was the hottest day of our trip and we spent the morning inside but never the less we had fun.

Palma Aquarium is amazing! It’s pretty big (over 12,000 metres squared) and the sights on offer are huge. Most notably, in the Big Blue. This is the biggest shark tank in Europe and it’s home to enormous sharks and you can literally get within 3 inches of them (thank goodness for the toughened glass!) and have a peak at them in all their glory.

palma aquarium majorca

palma aquarium sharks

If you know me, you’ll know I’m not much of a fan of birds… so here I am with a bloody great Macaw on my shoulder! As I was walking around The Jungle area of the Aquarium, I had to walk through a beach hut type of building to get through to the sharks. These beautiful birds were sitting on perches waiting to be held and stroked by passers by and there was an opportunity to have a photograph taken with the bird on my shoulder. I don’t really know what came over me but I decided to go for it. I showed no fear and had the lovely Macaw perched on my shoulder for around a minute. Wow! I was praying to every god under the sun that it wouldn’t peck me or flap it’s wings but it was well behaved and I think the photo says it all, it reminds me of similar photos taken many years ago at school. It’s a cringeworthy photo but I did it, I held a bloody big parrot!

palma aquarium macawAfter the Aquarium, we enjoyed a lovely posh meal at Can Eduardo by Palma harbour. I didn’t brave a seafood platter or the paella as I didn’t want someone else to have to pay for a meal I didn’t like. I opted for the chicken and grilled vegetables and it was delicious.

Once we had stuffed ourselves silly, we took a walk into Palma Old Town and enjoyed a lovely stroll around the area. It is absolutely beautiful there and I’d love to go back one day and explore more.

view from can eduado

palma cathedral

palma cathedral up close

Making friends

Before the trip, I knew (only by their blogs and quick hello’s at events) a couple of the ladies who were coming along on the trip. I didn’t know the other ladies, nor the staff from Thomson who were accompanying us. I’m so pleased that we all got on really well with each other (as did the children) and I’m so grateful for all their help with Little Mr throughout the week. Sometimes when you’re put into that situation with strangers it can be a little testing but we all had a great time. Thank you ladies and Luke for a lovely trip.

thomson preschooler trip

Little Mr’s first go at repetition

On the way back to the hotel from Palma, the girls were full of life. They were adorable and they kept making each other giggle which actually was infectious as they made me laugh too. One of the Mums dropped a plastic bottle on the floor and said ‘Uh oh’ so of course, the girls spent the next 15 minutes saying ‘uh oh, uh oh, uh oh’. How gobsmacked were we when they quietened down for Little Mr to pipe up with ‘uh oh’? It was brilliant. My 7 month old baby boy copied the girls and repeated what they were saying. I’m so glad everyone else heard it otherwise I might have thought I’d imagined it. Clever boy!

little mr and boo

I’ve got some fabulous memories of Majorca. We both had such a lovely time and I can’t wait to take my wingman somewhere else now, but I think he’s had enough adventure for this year. Maybe next year?

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