Every parent dreams…


As a Mum, I would do absolutely anything to look after my gorgeous baby Son. I have already done everything in my power to make sure he has the best start in life and will continue to make sure that he has everything he needs to grow up as healthy as can be. Every parent dreams that their precious newborn will grow up and be happy in life. For some this is just a dream.

We’re very lucky in the UK that we have access to healthcare, a wealth of medication that will protect our babies from nasty bugs, illnesses and diseases and should the worse happen and they get poorly, we have access to professional services that can do their best to help save the tiniest of lives.

Imagine a world where all that isn’t possible, where a really poorly baby has to suffer and in a lot of cases will die, because they have been born in a country where these lifesaving services aren’t readily available. Imagine a world where a single life-saving vaccine could be used to save one tiny life. You don’t need to imagine this, this is reality.



For the last 7 years Pampers with their customers support has helped UNICEF eliminate newborn tetanus in 10 countries. That’s because for each specially marked pack of Pampers you buy, one life-saving vaccine is donated to the cause. 

There is still a lot of work to do with over 100 million women and their babies still at risk of newborn and maternal tetanus. In many places newborn tetanus is still a leading cause of infant mortality due to a lack of sufficient health care, immunization services and hygienic birth practices. 

How can YOU help?


You can help Pampers and UNICEF in just a few simple ways and they will do the rest.

– You can buy a specially marked pack of Pampers (with the UNICEF logo) when choosing your babies nappies and one life-saving vaccine will be donated

– You can watch, share, tweet and like the Pampers video campaigns and for each view, share, tweet and like, a vaccine will be donated.

It’s really that simple.

You can watch more inspirational videos and stories over at the Pampers website and find out more about the amazing work this partnership has done and what it’s going to do in the future to help save lots of babies and their mums.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the recent Pampers UNICEF event launch but unfortunately had to miss the chance to meet campaign Ambassador, Emma Bunton and hear all about the partnership so thought I’d share what we can do to help instead. 

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