Little Mr’s AW2013 wardrobe


At 7 months old, Little Mr had just about outgrown his 3-6 month sized clothes in his wardrobe. As the Summer was pretty warm, he spent most days in short legged rompers, dungarees and shorts with t-shirts. There’s a huge pile of vests that didn’t get worn as it was just too warm for him to layer up and he’s got cardigans and coats hung untouched in the wardrobe as it’s been to warm to wear them.

Little Mr appears to be getting taller by the day so last weekend I unpacked the stash of 6 – 9 month clothes we got given as gifts when he was born and put them through the wash. He has been given lots of long sleeve t-shirts, a fair few pairs of dungarees, a couple of pairs of jogging bottoms, three months worth of socks and some pyjamas. I’d already bought some vest tops in the Nutmeg Kiddicare sale a while back but we were lacking in trousers, jumpers, a coat and long, warm pyjamas and sleepsuits.

We had been given a couple of gift vouchers when Little Mr was born so we saved them for when we really needed to use them. Guess who’s been spending a small fortune? I’ve really enjoyed having a look around at the selection of clothes but there’s seriously a lack of clothes for boys. Girls, no problem, but boys seem to be under represented.

We did find some gorgeous stuff though, so this is what we’ve been buying..

Little Mr Autumn Winter 2013 clothes

Images courtesy of Next and Tesco

All items shown are from Next or Tesco. We’ve also been snapping up some of the gorgeous new collection from The Essential One. Of course, when your gorgeous son models for them, you are going to want to buy everything in the catalogue. The quality of the clothes is brilliant and they’re perfect for keeping little ones warm and stylish too.

Little Mr The Essential One

Images courtesy of The Essential One

I’ll be taking lots of photographs over the next few months of Little Mr wearing his new togs so if you want to keep an eye out on what he’s wearing, you can follow me on Instagram (link at the bottom of this post). This Season is all about the stripes and keeping warm.

What are your little ones wearing this Autumn / Winter? Have you had to buy lots of new clothes too?

Disclaimer: None of the brands mentioned in this post have asked me to mention them. I love the clothes and want to show off what Little Mr will be wearing in the next month or so.

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