Preparing Your Child To Go Back To School

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It’s already that time of year again: the summer holidays are rapidly being filled with days out and kids are already getting bored, which means it’s time to go about the preparation process all over again! This is a busy time for parents (particularly those with multiple children), because it always seems like a few things get held up until the last minute. So, to help you with your back to school preparation and shopping, here’s a quick checklist of tips and preparations to keep in mind.

Get Your Child Studying

Easier said than done, right? Well, your child might not want to start up with math equations or a heavy science textbook while the summer is still in full swing. But, even getting a small jump on a school reading list can be a wonderful head start. If you can convince your child to start doing a bit of reading, he or she will not only be ahead of the class, but also already in the habit of doing a bit of homework once the year starts.

Purchase Those Uniforms

This is always one of the more tedious steps in the back to school process, but it’s necessary nonetheless. Whether you purchase uniforms through M&S or through the school, you may as well secure them as early as possible, to get the hassle out of the way!

Get Your Child On Schedule

In the last couple of weeks before school gets started, do your best to get your child on schedule for the school year. During the summer, kids have a tendency to stay up later at night, and sleep in later in the morning. A sudden switch to a school schedule can be a rough transition, so do your best to help your child transition gradually to a more normal school sleeping schedule.

Shop For Supplies

This is the most involved step, and something gets forgotten every year. From schoolbooks, to supplies like pens, notebooks, and folders, to items like lunch boxes or backpacks, there’s plenty to purchase every year. Take the time to write out a checklist and grab everything in advance before back to school shoppers have the stores too picked over!

Prepare Your Own Schedule

Finally, take some time to project and prepare your own schedule with regard to the start of the school year. From school events, to your own appointments and obligations, to a possible carpool arrangement, everyone in your family’s schedules need to coincide to manage a school year. It’s best to plan a calendar in advance, so you can adjust and prepare accordingly.

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  • Reply Karen Hannah 28/07/2013 at 8:50 am

    Great advice, though I agree that getting them into the school bedtime routine might be difficult!

  • Reply Kim Carberry 28/07/2013 at 8:10 pm

    Great advice!!

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