24 weeks on…

24 weeks old

I can’t quite believe Little Mr is now 24 weeks old. He’s growing up so quick! I know I say that pretty much every time I write one of these posts but it’s true. I put him to bed and the next morning he’s grown a little bit taller, his cheeks have plumped out a little more than the day before and he just looks more like a toddler with each night that passes.

He’s still a fantastic sleeper, going to bed after his bath, bottle and book and sleeping well for roughly 11 hours. I’m still learning the ropes on how to get an alert baby to switch off and sleep during the day but I’m not losing sleep over it. At night, we’ve got it cracked and yes I am touching wood here! He’s slept well in a travel cot in a tent, a travel cot in Cardiff and a travel cot in London. As long as he has his trusty sleepy time companion, Ewan, everything will be fine. He’s a wriggler though, covering every inch of his cotbed during the night with his arms and legs akimbo!

Edit: At time of writing this post (11pm) Little Mr has just given me heart failure and is wide awake with his eyes staring at the monitor!! What do I do? I’m ignoring him in the hope he goes back to sleep!


We’ve started to wean him on puree for now. He’s still not a massive fan of drinking all his bottles and will probably only drain one out of four of them so we’re trying to keep him hydrated with water in between feeds. We’re using ready made purees currently. I love the faces he pulls, if only he could talk! I’m not sure he’s a fan of apple and unfortunately for me there’s quite a lot of ready made purees made with apple in the ingredients to sweeten them up. We’ve got two weeks until we go away on holiday and I’m hoping to continue to ‘try out’ different tastes with him between now and then. Once we get back, I’ll be hitting the kitchen and whipping up my own purees. I’m really looking forward to it.

He’s mastered the rolling but to be honest, he’s still a little lazy and prefers to lie on his back for a lot of the time. Although he seems to have found his feet and is now happy holding on to them for dear life whilst he has a bottle and loves to use his feet to play with his toys on the playmat. Little Mr loves a good chat with the animals on his play gym and will often continue this conversation with his Daddy when he gets in from work.

baby at 24 weeks...

Little Mr is so alert now taking in all the activity that’s around him. If the dog has a barking fit, he just stares at him. He absolutely adores his cousin. Every time my nephew is in the room he’ll move his head around and look at him and smile. I hope my nephew knows how influential he’s going to be to my little man. I know those two are going to be trouble in the next few years when they get together. He’s such a happy baby, smiling back at anyone who smiles at him. He can definitely make the grumpiest bloke, turn their frown upside down.

Teething is becoming a bit of a foe. We’ve had proper tears and everything. Luckily, a dose of magic powder teething granules usually does the trick but he’s permanently got his hand in his mouth biting down on to it to help ease the discomfort. It’s not going to be long until one of the toothy pegs makes an appearance. Everything apart from food goes in his mouth; his bibs, his muslins, the wipes packet, his toys, the list goes on!

We’ve just finished his first course of swimming lessons and he’s regularly been dunked (by me) in the pool. He doesn’t love it but we don’t have many tears, if any at all. I’m hoping the lessons will make him water confident as I was at his age. We both enjoy it too, splashing around in the pool and having fun. I can’t wait until next term.

The next milestone on the horizon will be his official 6 months old half birthday! Eeeek it’s all going so fast!

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