My Christmas Curiosity Box


In October I signed up to take part in The Curiosity Project. As part of the project, I had to fill a box full of goodies to an unknown recipient and I would get the same sent back to me.

Ever since I signed up with the Curious Box project I’ve been eagerly awaiting the knock on the door from the postman. I’d even worked out what I was going to say when he questioned me about the box and if I had any ID. Well, imagine my surprise when I came home this evening to a bubble wrapped spotty box sitting on the dining table. I literally screamed and got all giddy like an excited child at Christmas.

Once I’d hacked through the bubble wrap I open up the huge spotty box (which I love!) to find it packed full of goodies. On top of the tissue wrapped goodies were 2 hand drawn pictures from Isabella and Hollie. Thank you girls, your pictures are brilliant and will be on display to all my friends and family in my home this Christmas.

The box was full, literally you couldn’t get anything else in it. Wow!

I delved in and found the following:

– Christmas tree decorations (gorgeous handmade mini bunting, a mini stocking and a heart) which are already adorning my tree

– A massive box full of jelly beans (my absolute favourite sweets)

– A gorgeous delicate blue cup and saucer with teapigs tea for me to try

–  A bottle of Rose wine ( I’m saving this for the New Year)

– A handmade pompom (fantastic craft idea)

– Goodies to look after my hands – hand cream, hand wash & a nail file

– A tag with a key with the words ‘May this Be…the key to your wishes’, I love this!

– A recipe card with a couple of recipes on (I will be trying the chocolate cake this Christmas)

– A plaque with a fabulous phrase which reads ‘Life is a journey Enjoy it!’ I absolutely love this and will be hanging in a prominent place in my home.

I would like to thank the ladies N & C who made my box a delight to open, I am amazed at the kindness of strangers who I would like to call my curious friends.

Update: I’ve now found out that my curious recipient has received their box and you can read about it here {sig}

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