Preparing for Christmas…


This weekend has been lovely. It’s been chilled, doing what I want to do and when I want to do it. I love weekends like this.

Friday night I made up a couple of Christmas decoration (Ebay) orders and wrote out all our Christmas cards. I’ve still got some to write out but at least all the family ones are done and ready to give out at our Family Pre-Christmas get together in a couple of weekends time.

Saturday has got to be my most productive day this year. I began by gathering my ingredients for my first ever Mary Berry Christmas cake. I cheated by buying the ingredients all weighed out (Tesco’s) which is relatively stress free. All went well until I realised moments after placing the tin into the oven that I had forgotten to add the mixed spice to the mixture! How stupid? So, I rescued it by tipping the whole lot back into a bowl, sieving the mix in and giving it a good stir. Back in the oven it went for 4 and a half hours but look how it turned out.

It smells amazing and looks like a proper christmas cake. Just need to keep it wrapped up until I’m ready to decorate it then it’ll be done. I don’t usually eat Christmas cake but this year I may make an exception!

To carry on with my baking efforts, I made some yummy biscuits that Lauren had given me the recipe for. They are absolutely scrummy but at 3 Propoints a biscuit I won’t be eating many of them. I’m thinking of making some as Christmas gifts so enjoyed the practice.

I then sat at the dining room table watching Elf and Mirace on 34th Street whilst wrapping all the Christmas pressies that we had bought. There are still some more to get and wrap but at least the majority is now done. I love being this prepared. I’m planning on enjoying the run up to Christmas and getting ahead makes me smile. I know, I am far too organised but I don’t have any kids to worry about (yet) so why not!

Today I went for my usual walk over Sandwell Valley with hubby and woofer. It was lovely again over there today. Foggy and cold, a sure sign that winter is just around the corner but it was so peaceful. We clocked up just over 4 miles so that should help with this weeks weigh in.

Hubby tried my biscuits and LOVED them so asked me to bake some more for his team at work. Of course, I obliged and here they are..

I haven’t worked out the Propoints value for these but I’m assuming they are equally as terrible considering the recipe I use comes to a total value of 105 Propoints per batch! Eeeeek!

Big news this weekend in WeightWatcher land. They’re making changes to the plan. From what I’ve read so far, you can either choose to count points on the Propoints plan or switch to the no-counting method of the Filling and Healthy plan. The Filling and Healthy plan is all about eating 0 propointed foods until you’re satisfied but there’s only one floor with that, how do I count my daily curly wurly? I don’t think i’ll be changing plans but we’ll find out more on Tuesday at class.

So thats my weekend, I’m getting ahead and I’m feeling good! Are you ahead for Christmas? Are you a late shopper or a savvy early bird? {sig}

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