11 weeks on..

When people tell you to enjoy every minute of your newborn as time will fly, they mean it! My gorgeous Little Mr is now 11 weeks old. I’ve been highly emotional this week (Mother nature mostly to blame) and I’m not ashamed to admit it, I got a bit weepy on Saturday holding my baby in my arms just looking at his perfect features. I realise I’m turning into one of those mothers; you know, one of those who think their child is the most perfect thing ever! Yep, sorry I am one of those!

I’ve been creating a photo book of his arrival which I’m getting professionally printed which records his growth from a teeny tiny poppy seed back in early June 2012 to his current 12lb odd weight. I love to take photos and having a good look back on my pregnancy diary it’s been a fantastic journey of which I’m very proud. ollycollage11w

Little Mr’s features are coming out now, he’s got the most adorable chubby cheeks and a very cute button nose. His hair is quite fair but in certain lights looks quite dark, I’m hoping he’ll be a blondey like I was when I was little. I am completely biased but I just adore him.

In the coming weeks, we’ve got he’s 12 week jabs and hopefully we’re going to take him swimming for the first time. Touch wood, we’re warding off the teething this week but I’m sure it won’t be long until it hits him again. I’ve got gels, powders and teethers at the ready in preparation!

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  1. Karen says:

    He’s totally gorgeous! You have a right to be very proud of how wonderful and gorgeous he is. I am also one of those mothers, I think my daughter is thee most wonderful and best looking daughter ever. I constantly look at her in awe of her beautiful tiny hands and little tiny toes. I think we’re allowed to be amazed at how wonderful they are and how much they’ve changed since they arrived onto the earth. I really must get a photobook done too – my problem is I love every photo lol. He’s such a beautiful boy x

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