Little Mr’s First Haircut

Last Saturday was a sad day for me. It was time to take Little Mr at the tender age of 22 months, to get his hair cut for the first ever time. We had postponed our visit for a few months as we just adored his curls. Everyone commented on them and they really did suit him but they were really unmanageable. When we wet his hair to wash it, the length of his hair was just above his shoulder blades and within ten minutes of getting out of the bath and us towel drying it, he’d have bouncy little ringlets pop up all around his head. They were beautiful but every day they would just look a bit of a mess and even if we brushed his hair it would fall out of the ringlets and look flyaway and frizzy.

lm before

We took him to my hairdressers, Bonce for his first ever hair cut and I couldn’t have been more proud. He sat on his Daddy’s lap whilst Amy trimmed his hair. He was really well behaved and sat quite still for us. I’m sure that’s down to use preparing him for the visit the day before and on the day of the appointment. He seemed to understand what was happening and why we were getting his hair cut.

LM 2

We took along a couple of his toys to keep him occupied in the chair and offered reassurance throughout the cut. Luckily for us, our hairdresser Amy was very patient with him and didn’t mind when he moved to fetch his train or began to shuffle his bottom around on his Daddy’s lap.

LM 1

Once Amy had finished, Little Mr looked really different. He still looked as gorgeous as ever but he looked so grown up!lm 3

He went in a toddler and came out a little boy.

The team at the salon presented him with a certificate which he was really happy with and I collected up his curls from the salon floor and popped them in a little bag for me to keep in his memory box.

lm 4

We got home and I couldn’t stop looking at him. He looks so different. It needed to be done and hopefully it’ll help clear his cradle cap up but I am mourning his beautiful blonde curls and hoping they’ll return as his hair grows.

lm after

Little Mr’s FIRST haircut – 13th December 2014

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Review: Braun ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision IRT6520

braun 1

When a little one is poorly with a temperature, it can be a very worrying time for parents. Braun have recently launched their new ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision IRT6520 which aims to reassure panicked parents in an instant with the very clever age precision technology. Did you know that a raised temperature for a newborn could be classed as ‘normal’ for a four year old? No, I didn’t either so this new thermometer is a very clever bit of kit.

The ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision IRT6520 is an ear thermometer which can accurately interpret a temperature reading and based on a range of ages, 0-3, 3-36 and 36+ months, will indicate via the colour coded LCD if the temperature is normal or not. For a worried parent who just wants to know in an instance if their little one has a fever, it is brilliant. It is so easy to use and gives quick reliable results which are very reassuring.

The colour coded LCD uses traffic light recognition; green indicates a normal temperature, yellow for an elevated temperature and red for a high temperature. Within a minute the user can take a reading (via the ear) and be informed of the temperature of their little one allowing them to take action or just keep an eye on their little one’s temperature.


The thermometer also has a range of clever features which are brilliant including a heated tip to ensure an accurate reading, a night light display to enable a user to use it in the dark and the ExacTemp guidance system which beeps to let a user know that the thermometer is in the right place in the ear canal to be able to take an accurate reading. The thermometer uses filters on the tip to keep the thermometer clean which are available separately when they run out.

braun 2

The Braun ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision IRT6520 also records the last nine temperature readings which is brilliant for Parents who need to know if the temperature has risen or reduced. In the middle of the night when you take a temperature reading of a poorly child, you’re not going to remember what the last reading was so this thermometer does it for you so it’s one less thing to worry about.

braun 3

I really like how the thermometer is stored away in its own case, it’s really easy to hold and there’s no over complicated buttons on the front making it easy to use and highly practical. I’m confident that I could give this thermometer to any of my family and friends and they’d be able to use it confidently within a matter of seconds. I think it’s so important that temperatures are taken seriously and you don’t want to waste any time faffing around with a gadget that you can’t work when your little one is ill.


The ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision IRT6520 thermometer is currently priced at £34.99 (Boots online)

I really like the ear thermometer. It’s a brilliant price with excellent features that will give Parents peace of mind just when they need it. In my opinion, it’s a must for any Parents First Aid Box and will come in handy on many occasions.

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Christmas party, weightloss and the dress!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks in the Shilts household but finally the Christmas holidays are here. Most of the Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped, the Christmas cards have (mostly) been written and delivered and the Christmas baking ingredients are in the kitchen waiting to be used. I’m grateful that I have now two full weeks off to spend some quality time with my hubby and our lovely Little Mr which is so very precious to me.

It was my works Christmas party a week ago tomorrow and I was really excited to get dressed up, slap some make up on and go dancing with a tipple or two. I had bought a black sparkly dress from Simply Be with some birthday money and was determined to fit into it comfortably by party night. With determination and willpower, I was able to glide into the dress and I felt fantastic! There’s nothing better than setting yourself a goal for you to smash it and I was delighted. I wore the dress and I loved it.


I teamed the dress with a pair of black tights, some heels from Next and a gifted sparkly bag from Hotter. I am rubbish at applying make up but thought I did an okay job on my face.. I’m definitely no Jodie Kidd!


I had a lovely night with my work buddies, it was nice to let our hair down, enjoy a drink or three and a little boogie on the dance floor! We don’t do it very often enough at work but we really should.

The scales have been very kind to me recently which I am super happy about. It’s great to see my hard work pay off as it’s really hard at the moment with treats galore literally everywhere. On the scales on Tuesday night, I was delighted to see that I had lost 2lb and I had achieved my mini goal of a THREE STONE loss before Christmas with one weigh in before Christmas to spare… phew!


So the plan for the next couple of weeks is damage limitation. I want to enjoy Christmas but don’t want to put any weight on. I will be gutted if I do so I’m intending to stay on plan for the days leading up to Christmas Day, have Christmas Day off plan and then get back on it and start shifting the next stone.

I am pretty chuffed with myself right now. Thank goodness I started SW when I did back in August. I’ve lost weight every single week. I’m pleased with my weightloss so far. Who knows where my weight will be on the scales in another four months? Hopefully at least another couple of stone down!

Have a good week and enjoy the Christmas madness!

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Meal Planning Monday w/b 15th December 2014

mpm wb 24.11.2014

This weeks Meal Planning Monday is later than usual as I’m really not sure where the time is going at the moment. I just cannot keep up with anything. It seems like I’m chasing my tail all the time and I am so so tired. I cannot wait until the Christmas holidays (3 working days AND COUNTING!)

This week we’ve planned some yummy meals for our dinner using inspiration from a new Slimming World recipe book I have borrowed from my class; Fakeaways. It’s a book full of take away inspired meals but cooked the healthier SW way. We love it!

This evening we enjoyed Tandoori chicken which was completely synfree. I enjoyed it with a big bowl full of salad and hubby had rice. It was delicious! We marinated the chicken overnight in a beautiful blend of spices and fat free natural free yoghurt and wow, it was really nice.

chicken tikka

Last week’s Big Mac in a bowl was a HUGE success so we’ll be having that again this week. It literally takes a matter of five minutes to prepare and cook and it’s delicious, and very easy on the syns (cheese is HExA and sauce is very low in syns!)

burger in a bowl

Here’s what else we have planned this week…

Chicken Chow Mein (SW recipe)
Pizza topped chicken, wedges and oven roasted vegetables
Jambalaya (SW recipe)
Chicken Tikka Massala (SW recipe)

This week I’ll be cooking up a huge batch of leek and potato soup to take to work and cooking up some of my yummy crustless quiche to keep me on plan. Although I love my salads, even I’m struggling eating it in the cold!

If you want to see what I’m eating this week, head over to my Instagram feed where I post all my meals. I feel rather accountable over on Insta so it’s a great way of making sure I’m on track and not falling off the SW wagon.

What are you eating this week?

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Christmas crafting with Bostik

craft 1

The final craft post for the Bostik family craft network this month and what a fabulous year it has been. This months box is packed full of craft goodies perfect for making lots of Christmas decorations so this weekend, Little Mr and I did a bit of our own. I love how you can really go to town with glitter and sparkle at Christmas and there’s lots of things you can make with little ones.


We opted for a very easy Christmas tree with layers of green felt and card adorned with pretty sticky sparkly stars. It was really easy to do and only took us twenty minutes leaving us plenty of time to play with the other goodies in the box.


All you need is green felt, green card, sticky stars, a tree shaped cardboard model, Bostik glue dots, blue tack and a pair of scissors.

I cut up strips of felt and card and simply layered them around the frame of the cone shape. I secured the end of the felt and card with the Bostik glue dots and used a small ball of blue tack on the tip for the fuzzy star.


Little Mr helped stick the stars onto the tree and it was so super quick it only took us 2 minutes to stick them around the tree.


Ta da! One rather glitzy crafty Christmas tree perfect to join this years Christmas decorations.

tree 1

Disclaimer: We were sent the big box of craft goodies for the purpose of this post. We have loved being Bostik family craft bloggers and would like to thank Tots100 and Bostik for all the fabulous craft goodies we have received over the last year.

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