The one with the Greatest Loser award..

A few weeks back it was mentioned in group that at the beginning of March, the person who had lost the most weight over the last year would be crowned as a Slimming World ‘Greatest Loser’. I briefly thought I might be in it to win it and was excited by the challenge. Our group isn’t huge but there have been some amazing weight losses from various people including one chap who has already lost 6 stone and others losing between 3-3.5 stone each over the last year. To be eligible for the award, you must stay to group to be awarded the prize and with this in mind, I didn’t think I stood a chance if everyone turned up to group.

Yesterday was an awful day for me. I had woken up with a raging sore throat, I felt dizzy and I couldn’t warm up. I thought I had got some sort of throat infection so struggled through a full day at work dealing with a consultant and a shed load of data before heading to my local walk in clinic to see a Doctor. Why are my Doctors always closed when I need them? Three hours and 20 minutes later, I was seen by a Doctor who told me I had a really high temperature (40 degrees!) an inflamed throat and a cracking dose of tonsillitis. Thankfully he prescribed me some antibiotics, advised me to drink and eat fluids where possible (does this mean I can eat ice cream for medicinal purposes?) and that I would be poorly for about 4 days before I began to feel better. Eugh!

Yesterday was also the day that our lovely Slimming World consultant, Faye, was leaving and it was her last ever group with us and I wanted to say goodbye and thank her for all her support and encouragement over the last 7 months whilst I’ve been following the plan. I also wanted to put into her collection and sign her card. I completely forgot about the Greatest Loser award so was completely unprepared to be announced as our groups winner. Wow! What an achievement. I was delighted and would have been lots more enthusiastic about it had I not felt so poorly.

GL pic

It was my 30th weigh in last night and somehow I managed to lose 0.5lb taking my total weightloss to 3st 11lb. I’m pretty happy with that despite my chocolate cocktail and Prosecco fueled weekend antics!

Greatest Loser cert


Obviously there’s a lot more weight to come off and I still have another 2 stone to shift before we can think about any more future Shiltons. I’m determined to be a healthy Mama and want to make sure I do everything in my power (tonsillitis aside) to get there. I’m still hugely overweight but I’m doing something about it. Who knows where I’ll be this time next year? Hopefully a few more stone will have gone and I’ll be dressing by a whole new clothes size with any luck!

SS 2015 Menswear Trends – dressed down to go out look

*PR collaboration

With a new season rapidly approaching, the markets are beginning to fill with new trends. Spring Summer 2015 is an exciting one for menswear in particular as there is a real sense of accessible fashion for all budgets. I’m sure my husband won’t mind me saying this but he’s not really ‘into’ fashion. He dresses smartly for work in a smart shirt and suit and when he’s home he likes to be comfortable in a t-shirt, jumper and jeans. Having said that he does like to look smart if we go out for dinner opting for a nice shirt paired with smart jeans and shoes. It’s a look that allows him to feel comfortable and shows he’s made an effort in dressing to go out.

For Spring Summer 2015, the catwalk has been full of the ‘dressed down to go out’ trend; smart collared shirts with bold patterns, block colouring and minimal branding.

Take this Armani shirt for example, it’s got a bold checked print with minimal branding to the chest pocket that can be worn with long or rolled up sleeves teamed with smart jeans, chelsea boots or pumps, a winning combination for the ultimate dressed down to go out look.




My husband loved wearing this shirt on our recent break to Wales. We got dressed up for dinner and he felt really good. The shirt was a good fit and he looked smart. Definitely on trend with the ‘dressed down to go out’ look.

What’s your fella wearing this Spring Summer? Does he like bold patterns or is he more reserved and prefers to stick to block colouring? I think Shilts will be more adventurous with prints and patterns this year.

Disclaimer: This feature is in collaboration with House of Fraser. All thoughts, words and photographs are my own.

Living Arrows 2015 – Week 9

Last week was in all honesty, a rubbish week for us all. Both my husband and I were busy with work and we both were feeling quite tired but Little Mr had an even worse week and suffered really badly with teething. He’s at the age where his molars are coming through and they are well and truly giving him grief. It all started on Tuesday evening when he didn’t eat much dinner at his Grandparents house and then on Wednesday morning, he refused to eat any breakfast. I thought it was because he was off to Nursery for his first full day and perhaps it was a combination of being out of his usual routine and something new happening as well as teething.

The day at nursery didn’t go well at all. He got upset as I left and I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as I went to pay our fees in the Managers Office. He didn’t see me get upset but I was feeling pretty rubbish. He didn’t eat anything for breakfast, snack or lunch and when telephoning the Nursery at lunchtime to see how he was getting on they were quite concerned that he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything at all. Queue a telephone call to my fabulous in-laws who went to collect him and reassure him that he hadn’t been abandoned.

It was awful seeing him so upset. He just didn’t look himself at all. Later that evening his temperature was elevated and it was obvious that he was poorly. We felt dreadful. His raised temperature, loss of appetite, continuous dribbling and loss of speech all pointed to teething and this lasted a few days.

Luckily for him and us, he’s been feeling lots better this weekend and has spent some time with my husband watching the planes at the airport and riding on trains whilst Mummy was in London on a Hen Do. He loves trains, planes and pretty much anything else with wheels so he was in his element.

It was good to see him playing with his toys this weekend. He hasn’t wanted to play with them much over the last week so to sit down and play with him has been an absolute pleasure. It’s the small things that keep him happy and I love to see him smiling, despite him refusing to give up the do-do (dummy!)




Living Arrows

Meal Planning Monday – 2nd March 2015

Meal Planning Monday


After a fantastic weekend celebrating my lovely friend Emily’s forthcoming nuptials, my stomach is feeling a little delicate as I type this. I literally had three alcoholic drinks including a very moreish chocolate cocktail and some rich food (garlic pizza and a burrito smothered in cheese) at Planet Hollywood but my stomach isn’t used to it and it’s playing up today. Unfortunately for my husband, meal planning wasn’t at the forefront of my mind as he went out shopping for this weeks meals so we’re having a week full of yummy but uncomplicated meals that are enjoyed by all the family.

This week we’ll be enjoying;

Chicken and Vegetable Skewers with savoury rice and salad
SW Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sausage, mash and onion gravy (SW sausages for me / full fat ones for the boys)
Slow Cooker Campfire stew, swede mash and vegetables
Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes and a choice of toppings (Baked Beans for me)

For breakfasts, I’ll be taking my usual selection of meals; Oat So Simple Multi Grain Porridge with fruit or Mullerlight Yoghurt with fruit and 30g All Bran or 2 weetabix with milk and water with fruit. I don’t tend to eat bread much anymore as it doesn’t fill me up for breakfast. The only way it does fill me up is with baked beans and mushrooms but I can’t have that before work as I don’t (and won’t) get up early enough to make and eat it.

For lunch, I’ll be having chunky ham and bean soup with crustless quiche and my husband’s legendary chicken salads with cous cous and pickles. I tend to have a filling lunch to stop me picking or being tempted by biscuits at work. It’s worked over the last few months so I’m sticking with it.

Little Mr will be eating breakfast and lunch at his Grandparents house this week so we don’t need to worry about his food too much. We send him with a lunchbox with some fruit (mainly strawberries and blueberries or a fruit pouch) a yoghurt and some crisps but his Grandparents are good and feed him well.

If you fancy seeing my meals in all their glory this week, follow me over on Instagram which is where I post all my meals. What are you having this week? Have you planned for the week ahead?

For more inspiration, follow the hashtag #mealplanningmonday over on Twitter.

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