There’s a new ride in town… the Casualplay Kudu 4


Imagine a pushchair that you can use from birth, that’s sleek and stylish and is compact enough to fit in the boot of a small family car. The Casualplay Kudu 4 pushchair is Little Mr’s latest ride and having used it for shopping and local trips around town, the Kudu 4 has got to be a serious contender in the pushchair leagues.

The Kudu 4 can be used from birth with its fully lie flat reclining seat, up until baby reaches 15kg in weight (roughly around 3 years old) The chassis of the Kudu 4 is aluminium so feels very sturdy to push. I love how the seat clicks onto the frame and can be used both rearfacing and parent facing. Little Mr is now at the age where he wants to see what’s going on and likes to face forward so it’s nice to have the option. The seat on the pushchair can be easily moved up and down to suit the situation. Little Mr has enjoyed sitting up right in the pushchair on our walks but it can be easily reclined (in 4 positions) perfect for tired toddlers who want to enjoy the smooth ride or have a little nap. The seat also has an adjustable calf and leg rest which allows you to tailor the pushchair to suit the needs of your little one.


The wheels on the Kudu 4 have been designed for busy parents with easy manoeuvrability. The front swivel wheels can be locked but I do love having them unlocked and free so that I can push the Kudu 4 around with one hand whilst walking the dog. Good to know – the rear wheels are puncture proof and are capable of heavy duty use!

The Kudu 4 has a fantastic hood which is easily pulled down to suit the weather. I love the peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your little one or give reassurance to them on a walk. The hood pulls down quite a bit which is brilliant to keep the sun off little one’s faces making a walk in the sunshine a breeze.


The handlebar on the Kudu 4 is extendable and I do love a single handlebar. It’s easier for me to push when walking with the dog and a tired toddler. The basket on the pushchair is fantastic, rather roomy with brilliant access, it really is easy to use. The rain cover is an essential in my opinion so it’s good to see it included, perfect for the typical British summertime. I love that the Kudu 4 is compatible with Casualplay’s range of accessories with the click and lock system and can be used with the Baby 0+ and Sono car seats making it a fantastic travel system.

We have been reviewing the Kudu 4 Aluminium chassis with the Jeans colourway, a beautiful denim fabric perfect for stylish Mums and Dads.

We’ve only used the Kudu 4 for our short walks so we’re hoping to get out and about for longer walks during the next few weekends to really give the pushchair a good workout. I’d like to try it out over Sandwell Valley and see how it handles on rougher terrain rather than just on the pavements of the Midlands.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook and Twitter feeds for more sneaky peeks and photographs of the Kudu 4 in action.

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Synfree Slimming World crustless mini quiche

slimming world mini quiche

Since starting Slimming World I’ve wanted to try lots of different recipes and meals to help me stay on track and today I made a fantastic batch of crustless mini quiches which are completely syn free on the extra easy plan. Ideal for having with a salad or on their own as a snack, these mini quiches will keep you on track and best of it is, you can change the fillings to suit your taste.

Ingredients (makes 12)

  • 6 eggs (mixed)
  • 100g fat free quark or cottage cheese (I used quark)
  • Frylight
  • Peppers
  • Onions
  • Lean Ham


  • Heat the oven to Gas Mark 5 / 180c
  • Spray a muffin tin with frylight
  • Chop up your filling into small bite size pieces and pop into the bottom of the muffin tin
  • Whisk 6 eggs until well mixed
  • Add the quark to the eggs (this will be quite lumpy but mix until very little lumps remain)
  • Fill the muffin tin with the egg and quark mix
  • Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the top of the quiche turns brown
  • Leave to cool and then remove from the tin
  • Enjoy!


Both me and hubby have enjoyed a couple of these today and they are really tasty. I’m planning on making some bacon ones next and I could add some cheese in (using my HExB) to kick them another little kick. They’re so simple, these are my definitely going into my lunch box this week.

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So that was the Summer then?

I can’t quite believe the Summer is over. Where did it go? We’ve crammed quite a bit in over the last 6 to 8 weeks with our holiday, days out and our friends wedding. We’ve had lots of work done in the house so our home has been turned upside down whilst it’s been carried out and it has also been hubby’s first Summer at home with Little Mr whilst I go to work during the week. For the record, I really don’t like it. I hate getting up early and leaving them both in bed and working when my boys are home having fun together but I know it’s got to be done.

We’ve had a fun filled Summer and I love looking back at what we’ve been up to, this was the Summer of 2014.

The Football World Cup in Rio has been and gone. We got a touch of football fever and enjoyed wearing our England colours with pride, thanks to Asda for the goodies. Even Little Mr enjoyed it and learnt to say “Goal” which was great.

world cup asda

We enjoyed our first family holiday in Turkey which was enjoyed by all. I miss the sunshine, spending time with hubby and our gorgeous Little Mr in the pool and I miss my freckles that made a brief appearance but went back into hibernation as soon as we came back to the UK.

We’ve been enjoying my Friday days off work so making the most of family time with trips to the farm, LolliBop, CBeebies Land, the Monkey Forest at Trentham, seeing friends and enjoying lazy sunny afternoons with Grandparents playing games.

Little Mr has enjoyed a new bathtime product. The Cussons Mum and Me Little Explorers Funky Fizz bath crackles are a great invention to encourage little ones back in to the bath tub. Little Mr went through a phase that he didn’t want to sit in the bath and would protest against it come bathtime. We emptied a packet into the bath and let him listen to the magic of the crackles do their stuff in the bath. He was amazed. He loved listening to it and when the water turned a lovely shade of blue he was in awe.


For the rainy days of Summer when Little Mr needed something exciting to play with, we tried out the Persil Stains Kit. We messed about with ink, chocolate, fruit stains and treated the garment with Persil and hoped our stains would come out. I have to say I was a bit worried about the stains but Persil seems to have worked wonders and the stains came out.

persil small and mighty

Little Mr was gifted to some lovely books from Aldi. It’s not really a supermarket I would associate with products other than groceries but these Disney books were only £1.99 each and are a fabulous read at bedtime. I love the Lion King, it’s one of my favourite Disney stories and we love reading it to Little Mr.

dumbo books

It’s been a very fun Summer and we’ve enjoyed spending time with each other. I’ve got over 1500 photographs that I need to sort through, upload, get printed and put in Little Mr’s Summer memories book. I’m still putting together a collection of photographs for my Project Life albums all of which I’ll be sharing at some point. I’ve only completed two pages so far but would like to get some more memories in to the book as soon as possible.

So the Summer has been and gone, only 8 weeks until half term, 9 until my birthday and only 16 weeks until Christmas. How is that even possible!

Disclaimer: We were sent the products above to try out. We were under no obligation to write about them but wanted to show our gratitude by the way of this post. 

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A milestone birthday, balloons and my family | {The Ordinary Moments}


This weekend we had a small family gathering for my Sisters 30th birthday. She didn’t know it was happening as we wanted to arrange a surprise birthday gathering for her with her closest family and friends to show her that we love her very much and that we all wanted to be there to celebrate her milestone birthday, turning 30 years young on Tuesday. We had huge pink birthday balloons, bunting, an amazing chocolate birthday cake and cupcakes and confetti. Perfect for a birthday celebration.


Prior to the meal I picked up my new toy, I’ve bought myself a ‘proper’ DSLR camera. The helpful man in the shop asked me what my current camera was and I had to cringe when I told him it was my iPhone but I have been after a decent camera for a few years now and finally I’ve been able to get myself one so of course, I couldn’t help myself but take some photographs of my gorgeous Little Mr and our family.


There is a huge amount I need to learn about photography. I need to learn all the basics and then hopefully as I learn I’ll be able to learn how to edit them properly and show them off. I’ve got a long way to go but in the meantime, I’m so impressed with just pointing and shooting with the automatic settings.


It was so lovely to see my Dad, Mom, Nan and Grandad all sitting down for a pub lunch after the last few stressful months it was so nice to be able to share a few hours together. We certainly don’t do it enough and we really should as we don’t live that far away from each other.


After a yummy meal we went back to my Parents house for coffee and a slice of birthday cake. Little Mr loved the freedom of being able to run around my Mom and Dad’s house and we could relax a little knowing that he was safe and in an environment he knows well.

No family gathering is complete without one of us taking some photographs so of course, we posed for some photographs for the family albums and scrapbooks and even though these photographs haven’t been edited, they just capture the moment as it happened.



People often say how much alike me and my sister are. There are only 18 months between us and a lot of people comment that we look like twins. We can’t see it much but I don’t mind looking younger a couple of years younger. I do love how close I am to my Sister and that we get to see each other and share our lives together (We didn’t really get on during our teenage years so it’s really good that we’re such good friends now.)

Finally, I managed to take a photograph of the two very important people in my life. I love these two very much and it was so nice to see them share a tender little moment.


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Frozen inspiration for a new front door..

door mat

This is a rather random blog post but there is a purpose.. stay with me!

We’ve been living in our home for ten years this June and neither me or hubby would have ever imagined staying here longer than a few years way back when we bought it. But, life gets in the way. When we bought the house, I was a skint graduate and hubby was a skint Newly Qualified Teacher. The house needed a lot of work and we had to prioritise the workload. We had the house completely rewired so we could put the kettle on at the same time as the washing machine; we plumbed in a new shower in the bathroom upstairs so we didn’t get wet in the kitchen and we bought new double glazed windows so we didn’t freeze in the winter. All of which were essential jobs in the first five years of living here.

This summer we have finally been able to afford to replace the internal doors. We now have shiny white glossed country doors with chrome handles and the doors shut properly. No handles that fall off as you enter a room nor handles that mean you need to call your Father-in-law to come round to open your bedroom door from the other side as you’re locked in (true story!)

We would absolutely love a new front door. It’s served us well  it’s not to our taste and we’ve made do. We would really like to bring the outside of our house up to date with a brand new shiny composite front door but we just can’t afford one. We’ve been to the Garden Centre for plant research and we’re planning a revamp of the new outside area to our home. We have freshly painted windowsills, a hanging basket waiting to be hung and a new welcoming front door mat. All we need is a new door.

front door

So, as we’d love to win a new front door from Yale, here’s our amended lyrics to the song, Love is an Open Door from the latest Disney hit, Frozen.

You can listen to the instrumental version here and insert our lyrics.. we’ve tried it and it works, kind of! It’s hilarious.

MrsShilts: Oh my life, there’s a blogging comp which is kinda ace
And suddenly I want to take part too

Shilts: I was thinking the same thing! ‘Cause like
I’ve been saving hard to do up this place
And maybe your blog could help out too..

MrsShilts: What can I do?
Shilts: What can you do?

Shilts: I love our place
MrsShilts: It is kind of ace

Both: And it’s nothing like we’ve ever lived in before
But it needs a new front door
White UPVC and a tacky rose glaze  
We would love a brand new front door

MrsShilts: With Yale
Shilts: From  Yale
MrsShilts: With Yale
Shilts: We’d love you Yale

Both: We’d love a new front door..

Shilts: I mean it’s crazy
MrsShilts: What?

Shilts: We need to write a..    
MrsShilts: Blog post?

Shilts: That’s what I was gonna say!

MrsShilts: I’ve never written about a door before

Both: It’s meant to be…
Ok, ok, lets begin!
Our current door is manky
It’s too gross to mention

Shilts: Yale’s
MrsShilts: A
Shilts: Great
MrsShilts: Brand

Both: It’s meant to be

MrsShilts: It’d be black
Shilts: I love black  

Both: With a shiny silver letterplate
And a door knocker too
We’d love to win a new door
Oh a brand new door
A safe and secure new composite door

MrsShilts: From Yale
Shilts: Please Yale
MrsShilts: Oh Yale
Shilts: Oh Yale

Both: We’d love to win a brand new front door

Shilts: Can I say something crazy? Let’s publish this?
MrsShilts: Can I say something even crazier? Yes!


 Disclaimer: This is our entry to win a new front door from Yale.

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