Review: Milk and More

We’ve been using the Milk and More delivery service for around 8 weeks now (you can read my first thoughts here) initially I thought it would be a great way to make sure we had fresh milk and bread in for Little Mr so that we didn’t have to make a mercy dash to the supermarket on an often busy weekday evening. Although the service is a brilliant concept unfortunately it doesn’t suit us as a busy working family.

If I was a stay at home Mum with no commitments, it would be ideal so as a service, I really like it. I like the fact I can order fresh milk to be delivered to my door the next morning. I like that I can leave it as late as 9pm for a delivery the next day and I like that I can order products online using a very easy website. It’s free delivery and there’s no need to book a delivery slot.

why milk and more

The Milk and More Service

Being a working family, we often leave the house before 7:30am so if we ordered anything we would need to accept it before this time or it would stand on the doorstep all day until we got home from work. With this in mind, I ordered a selection of products to be delivered to our home on a Friday as I knew I would be in to accept delivery and bring it in. Out of all the times we ordered a delivery (8 times over 8 weeks) only once did the order arrive before 8am. Most of the time, the order arrived after 10:30am which for us wasn’t great. It would be useful to specify what time you would like an order to be delivered (like any other supermarket online delivery) so that you could be in to accept a delivery.

Over the last few months I have ordered a selection of items to be delivered including milk, fresh bread, croissants for the hubby,  crackers and some of the items on their promotional deals. I cannot fault the milk. The milk and bread have always been fresh and have been readily available. Some of the promotional items haven’t been in stock when my order was delivered so although you can order the items online, the products may not be in stock at the local depot where the order has come from. I tried twice to order a box of crackers and both times these were unavailable. I even placed an order before the 9pm cut off in time for a delivery the next day and the delivery didn’t appear. After ringing customer services, they couldn’t tell me why my order hadn’t been delivered so recredited my account. It was rather inconvenient having to go out to fetch milk that I had relied on arriving for Little Mr’s afternoon bottle.

Price comparisons

Although I was given a £50 credit to use during our trial with Milk and More I was very conscious of the price of their products and would often compare them to the price of the same products in our local supermarket.

Sainsburys British Whole Milk (4 pints) is £1
Milk and More Country Life Whole Milk (4 pints) is £2.25.
A huge difference of £1.25 

Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Medium Sliced bread (from Sainsburys) is £1
Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Medium Sliced bread (from Milk and More) is £1.55
A considerable difference of 55 pence

As a working family we are very conscious of the prices of products that we use and consume. We couldn’t justify spending money with Milk and More. Delivery may be free but if you take into account the extra price you’re paying for the product, it probably doesn’t work out any cheaper than driving to your local supermarket and getting the products in store.

Our experience of Milk and More hasn’t been ideal. The service is ideal for people who cannot get out of the home, folk who can stay in and accept deliveries at any point during the morning or have a safe place to leave deliveries if they’re out but for us it hasn’t worked out and unfortunately, it’s a service we won’t be using after our trial comes to an end.

Disclaimer: We were credited £50 to spend with Milk and More to review the service over the last couple of months. All words are my own and this forms an honest and unbiased review. 

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Review: Getting set for Spring with Rug Doctor


Living in a house with one dog and a toddler, my poor carpets have taken a bit of a battering over the last year so when I was offered the chance to borrow a Rug Doctor machine to review I jumped at the chance. Carpet cleaning isn’t the most exciting job to do around the house but the prospect of having deep cleaned carpets made me smile. This is a very grown up review!

We took delivery of the Rug Doctor machine and in my naivety didn’t realise how big and heavy the machine would be. It’s a beast. An empty standard Rug Doctor machine weighs 15.9kg and that is without the water inside used to clean the carpets. You definitely need your weetabix to push the machine around a decent sized room. 

After emptying the dining room of all our furniture, we loaded up the Rug Doctor with the specialist liquid detergent and luke warm water. We used the Rug Doctors Pet Formula Carpet Detergent which proclaims to ‘eliminate urine stains and odours’. I would like to point out that Mikey, our Westie, is house trained and very rarely wees in the house but used this detergent as once used on the carpet it deters pets from re-marking their territory. I wasn’t happy with Little Mr crawling all over the carpets that hadn’t been deep cleaned properly so was keen to use the pet formula to ensure we got rid of any lurking nasties hidden in the carpets.


It took us about two hours to completely carpet the dining room. We had to keep filling up the water tank with the detergent but the results were shocking (in a good way!)

The Rug Doctor was able to extract so much dirt from our carpet we were astounded. The liquid it extracted from the carpet was filthy and I was quite disgusted that all that dirt was hidden in our well vacuumed carpet.


The carpet took a good couple of hours to dry out as it wasn’t particularly warm when we decided to use the Rug Doctor. I would definitely recommend doing this job when it’s warmer outside or when you can put the heating on to speed up the drying process.

Overall the Rug Doctor performed brilliantly on the carpet and I was really impressed with the result. The detergent gave the room a clean pleasant aroma and I was pleased that we had deep cleaned the carpet which now looked refreshed and in good condition. I would definitely recommend using the machine in a child and pet free environment. The machine is quite noisy and you need to be able to concentrate on where you have cleaned, especially if you have dark carpets like we do.

You can hire a Rug Doctor from your local supermarket for around £30 for 24 hours rental which I think is a brilliant price. You can also buy the Rug Doctor machines but recommend hiring them as you’d need somewhere suitable to store the machine and realistically, you’re not going to deep clean your carpets every weekend. I would definitely recommend hiring a Rug Doctor and will be hiring one in the Summer to deep clean the rest of the carpets throughout our home.

Disclaimer: We were loaned a Rug Doctor machine for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own. This forms an honest and unbiased review. 

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Enjoying Easter and a little giveaway

hoppy easter giveaway april 2014Yippee.. I’ve officially broken up for the Easter holidays and this weekend we’ll be driving down to sunny Cardiff in Wales for our friends wedding. Little Mr and hubby will be all dressed up and I’ve finally decided on which dress and ensemble I’m wearing. I’ve had major confidence issues this week, mostly due to the fact that my shape and size are more than ample and I feel like one of those t-shirts that need to be reshaped when they come out of the washing machine. On Monday Team Shilts are heading down south for the week and will be enjoying a luxury bungalow in the middle of nowhere, hopefully with a bit of sunshine and a hot tub!

It’s been a funny old month so we’re desperate to get away and spend some quality time just the three of us. Time to enjoy each others company, focus on what’s important and have a giggle. I’ve warned hubby that I will be drinking a couple of bottles of prosecco next week (for anyone who knows me well, they will tell you that I don’t really drink) so I’ll be toasting my Dads health and forthcoming surgery and will raise a glass to my lovely family that have rallied around over the last couple of weeks to support us and my Dad.

So my Easter holidays are here and I’m leaving you with a few things that have made me smile this week along with a lovely giveaway for you to enter to win your very own Easter happiness gift card to the tune of £50.

I’m smiling because…

  • The sun has been shining so it’s time to get out the sunglasses
  • Sunjellies are back in fashion and I’ve bought myself and Little Mr a pair to wear in the sunshine (and on the beach in a few months time!)
  • I’m off on my jollies for the last week of the Easter holidays
  • I’ve discovered Project Life and I can’t wait to fill my albums with smiles, giggles and memories.

Tell me what you’ve been smiling about this week via the rafflecopter below making sure you tell me which gift card you’d like if you won! Please see the terms and conditions attached to the rafflecopter. Good luck… x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win competitions at

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Tick box culture and our children… a rant!

Little Mr standing

I’ve been trying to rearrange Little Mr’s 12 month health check with our health visitor team for a few months now. He was originally invited for an appointment on a Wednesday when I work all day so rang them to rearrange and they cancelled the appointment and said they would rearrange for a Friday. Another letter comes through the post for another Wednesday appointment. Repeat the phone call and again, another letter comes through the post for a Wednesday. Head. Wall.

Giving up on ever getting a Friday appointment, earlier this week with hubby being off enjoying the school holidays, I asked him to take Little Mr to our local baby clinic to get him weighed and to take along the appointment letter and questionnaire they asked us to complete on Little Mr’s development.

The questionnaire was aimed at the development of a 14 month old baby and asked questions in relation to his motor skills, his speech and other general development. I had to answer the questions with either Yes, No or Sometimes. At the end of the questionnaire, there’s a tally box where the health visitor would add up the number of yes, no or sometimes answers and Little Mr would have his 14 month old score and then she would discuss his development with us. Completely wrong in my opinion.

Little Mr isn’t walking yet. He’s standing up, cruising and crawling everywhere but will not walk independently. I don’t have a problem with it at all as I’m a big believer that he’ll do it when he’s ready but the health visitor was concerned. She told hubby that he had a slight delay in his gross motor skills and wrote in his red book that she would make a referral to the health visiting team to check on him in 6 weeks time. This is the same health visiting team that said they would check on him back in November to check his progress with crawling. They never rang. So I don’t have a huge amount of confidence in their opinion on my son’s development, that they took from a questionnaire. This is the same health visiting team who told me to make an effort in taking Little Mr to baby clinic 10 days after my c-section, despite being unable to walk the 2 mile to baby clinic in the snow with an infected section scar.

Wouldn’t it have been better to sit with him for twenty minutes and let him play. Watch how he moves around and stands up and plays with the toys rather than me ticking the boxes of a questionnaire. What if I was one of those parents that ticked yes to everything when in fact he didn’t do any of it. They wouldn’t know any different. I know different health authorities check little ones progress in different ways as friends with children of the same age have had different experiences. My experience doesn’t fill me with any confidence that I would want their opinion on any concerns I may have in the future.

As I said before I’m not concerned with Little Mr’s inability to walk independently. He’s showing signs that he wants to and cruises around the house, often standing independently for brief moments before collapsing onto his bottom. Isn’t a questionnaire a cop out for watching and spending time with children? I dread to think what would happen to the children that really have issues but go unnoticed due to parents that don’t want to make a fuss or in the worse case, don’t give a hoot anyway!

What’s your experience of your health visitors? Do you find them useful or just irritating?

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Review: Skip Hop Versa – The back to work changing bag

Skip Hop Versa

The trouble with some changing bags is that they very much look like changing bags which isn’t always ideal when you’re at work trying to be the professional HR bod that I am, for example. There’s a need for having one. I like to make sure I have everything for Little Mr with me and not at home or in the car so it’s essential that I’ve got a changing bag of some sort capable of carrying all Little Mr’s essentials and mine.

The Skip Hop Versa changing bag is brilliant. It’s a very stylish bag that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it and have been using it for a while now for both home and work life.

The Versa has lots of pockets for storage. On the front of the bag there’s 2 curved insulated zipped pockets perfect for keeping bottles cool or warm (and other things easily accessible but away from little hands) I keep Little Mr’s sachets of liquid paracetamol and teething granules in there. On the front of the zipped pockets are two smaller pockets ideal for loose change or dummies! There’s also a small zipped pocket on the front where I often keep my business cards and car keys so I know where to find them when out and about.


Inside the main pocket of the bag, which I find is a brilliant size for all my essentials, is a number of compartments perfect for spoons, fruit pouches and milky buttons. The bright blue contrasting lining is a great colour which allows me to find items easily inside the bag and with it being water-resistant too if anything spills inside the bag, it’s not going to do to much damage to the rest of my belongings elsewhere in the bag.

At the back of the bag is a another zipped pocket which is brilliant for keeping the portable changing mat (which comes with the bag as an accessory) nappies, wipes and nappy bags. I often keep Little Mr’s red book in there too so it’s all kept separate to my other stuff in the main area of the bag.


I love that there’s a zipped expansion panel in the bag too so if you need a little bit more room in the bag you can just unzip and you instantly get a bit more space. The bag looks stylish with the zip open or closed so this feature doesn’t detract from the appearance of the bag.

The bag has a good sized adjustable shoulder strap but one of the best features of the Versa bag are the non-skid stroller straps that allow you to easily attach the bag to the pushchair. The straps really are non skid too and haven’t slipped down the pushchair when in use. When not in use the straps clip onto D rings at the base of the side of the bag which is a brilliant touch.


I really love this bag and I don’t think I’ll be changing bags any time soon. I’ve had some brilliant compliments from work colleagues on my ‘new’ bag who couldn’t really believe it was a changing bag.


The Skip Hop Versa changing bag retails at £64.99 which I believe is a fantastic price for a bag which serves a double purpose; a changing bag and a practical bag for work. The bag can be purchased online from Simple Safety Solutions,

Disclaimer: The Skip Hop Versa changing bag was sent free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own. This forms and honest and unbiased review. 

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This entry was posted on Friday, April 18th, 2014