Fashion Friday Plus Sized – the delayed edition


If I’m honest I’m really struggling with clothes at the moment. I never know what to wear. During the Summer holidays at work, I go for comfort so wear my jeans, a t-shirt and hoody for when it’s cooler teamed with a pair of pumps. When the schools are back, I have to wear smart, office clothes so will wear black trousers, a nice top or shirt and either my suit jacket or a cardigan. I would love to wear more formal dresses for work but I’ve yet to find a new plus size dress that is suitable.

For weekends, when we’re out and about shopping, seeing friends and family, I like to make more of an effort so will wear a nice top and a nice pair of jeans or trousers with a nice pair of (flat) shoes.

This is what I wore on Monday as we went shopping to find new kitchen appliances and accessories.

Emma Aug 14

Swing Shirt from Next
Vest from Asda (years old)
Black bootcut jeans from Next
Jellies from Sun Jellies

I ordered this swing shirt in a size smaller than I would normally and I was really pleased that it fit me. It will fit me even better once I’ve lost a little bit of bingo wing but it’ll be good to see the difference in a couple of weeks or so. These jeans are ones that I bought when Little Mr was born. I was too big for my old (size 18 jeans) but was fed up of wearing maternity jeans and over the last 18 months I have put too much weight on and couldn’t fit in them at all. I was so pleased when I found these out at the weekend and they did up! Roll on the time when they’re too big.

I’m linking up with Kara’s Fashion Friday Plus Sized post, albeit a little late. You can check out Kara’s gorgeous outfit here.

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21 days in..

keep going

It’s been 21 days since I stepped on the scales in class, followed the plan pretty much to the letter and so far I’ve really enjoyed it. I keep calling syns points, which of course is from the old plan I used to follow but I’m sure it’ll all fall into place soon enough.

For breakfast I’ve been enjoying either fruit, yogurt and All Bran or fruit, two weetabix and a splash of milk. For lunch, I’ve been eating superfree salads with chicken or ham with a splash of fat free dressing. My favourite is Morrison’s NUME Lemon and Herb dressing which is really tasty and makes a salad a bit more interesting. If I’m at home I’ve been able to have a baked potato with baked beans or an omelette packed with mushrooms, peppers and onions. Depending on what I’ve had for breakfast I can have low fat cheese instead of milk for my Healthy Extra A to add to the omelette which is really yummy. For dinner, we’ve been trying to cook meals that the whole family can enjoy so we’ve had meals such as chicken, savoury rice and vegetables or pasta. I would like to make a few more meals from one of the recipe books but I’ve not had chance yet to look through the book and find out meals that I think Little Mr and hubby would enjoy too.

All my meals are photographed in the form of a food diary which you can see over on Instagram, here. I’m taking photographs because my memory is terrible. I like to look back at them and remember what I ate, what we enjoyed and how they helped towards the weightloss for that week.

I stepped on the scales this evening and saw a loss of 2lb. I’m pleased I’ve lost weight again this week because hand on heart I’ve been really good and written everything down. I’ve not cheated myself and I’m really proud of that. In three weeks, I’ve lost 11lb on the Slimming World plan and i’m rather chuffed with that.

My focus is that I really want to lose weight so I can be a healthier Mama for Little Mr. I want to be able to give him a little brother or sister so that he grows up with a sibling like both my husband and I did. Not only that, I want to wear smaller, fashionable clothes and I want to like my reflection in the mirror. I hope as I lose the weight, my health improves and if we’re lucky enough, we would absolutely love to have another baby. This is my focus and I’m going to try my hardest to get to where I want to be, no matter how long it takes me.

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How dirty is your dishcloth?


Every evening as Little Mr has his bath supervised by his Daddy, I enjoy fifteen minutes peace tidying up the kitchen. It’s become a bit of a routine now. The boys go upstairs and I spend some time in the kitchen putting the dishes in the dishwasher on, putting the saucepans into soak and changing the washing over. One of the things I always makes sure I do is clean the worktops and the sink. I love to use the antibacterial surface wipes on all the counters and the splashback on the oven whilst using the antibacterial spray in the sink. We don’t use dishcloths as we don’t tend to do much washing up but we do have a scouring pad for when the saucepans have food burnt onto them or the oven trays have something stuck on them. Dettol have recently got in touch and asked me if I knew that UK dishcloths are dirtier than toilet flush handles? or that recent research has found that nine out of ten UK dishcloths were heavily contaminated with bacteria. How grim!



I’m really glad we don’t have a dishcloth. I hate the thought of having a dishcloth teaming with bacteria on the sink top which could be transferred to one of us in the house and make us ill.It’s reassuring to know that the Dettol surface wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria on the worktops so I’m in good hands.

We were also sent a selection of Dettol goodies to use throughout the kitchen to beat the germs and although we use both the surface cleaner and the wipes already in the kitchen, we haven’t used the hand soap in the hands free dispenser. What a brilliant invention! It’s very easy to use, just put your hand underneath the sensor and the dispenser automatically dispenses hand soap into the palm of your hand. No touching the top of the soap dispenser leaving germs for the next user to pick up. It really is very clever. We are fans of the Dettol cleaning range so will continue to use their products and I’m more determined than before to ditch the dishcloths to make sure we keep nasty germs at bay to protect myself and my little family.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above goodies for the purpose of this post. All words are my own. 

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LolliBop 2014


A couple of weeks ago we travelled down South to spend the day at LolliBop, the big bash for Little People. Accompanied by my hubby and our very own Little People (Little Mr and our nephew) we were looking forward to spending the day at Hatfield House and seeing some of our favourite characters and children brands.

With it being our first LolliBop, we had no expectations although we had heard what a fab event it was for toddlers and youngsters so was eager to let the boys have some fun and enjoy the day.

first impressions

The ground of Hatfield House are impressive. The LolliBop event was held in a large section of the grounds and it felt like all the stands, character stalls and stages were well spaced out around the arena and there was lots of open space for little legs to walk around in.

On arrival we made a beeline for Thomas the Tank as he has rapidly become Little Mr’s most favourite thing ever. If it doesn’t ‘choo choo’ then he’s not interested. Both Little Mr and our nephew are both train fans so we spent a good thirty minutes taking part in the activities around the Thomas the tank engine area.


We then moved onto the Little Tikes play area and the boys loved playing on the bikes, the cars, running in and out of the castle, going down the slides, in and out of the houses. They loved it.

Unfortunately it started to spit with rain so we dived into the Baby Ballet arena and ate our packed lunch. We were treated to a dance class with Baby Ballet and Little Mr spent a good ten minutes bopping away and enjoying himself. We were in fine company too as just behind us was Natalie Cassidy (of Eastenders fame) with her family. We really enjoyed the Lego Duplo area as they had lots for little ones to do. Little Mr and our nephew made a couple of zoo animals and enjoyed watching them come to life on the screen and they were also given a couple of pieces of Duplo to take away too which I thought was a lovely touch as we didn’t expect that.


We then went to explore the rest of the LolliBop arena and after seeing the queues for the Lollipalladium we decided the boys would be best doing something rather than waste time queuing and then sitting still. We checked out the face painting (Little Mr was too young) so our nephew had his face painted with a tiger design.

LolliBop 2014

We really enjoyed the Vita Coco Kids mini beach; Little Mr got to play in their sandpit whilst our nephew designed himself a t-shirt and won a frisbee on the coconut shy. The top area of the arena was very quiet and we felt quite sorry for The Collective Dairy who were pleased to see us. Little Mr really liked the yogurts so we bought some and enjoyed them on the way home.

What we loved

  • We got lovely freebies from PomBears and Haribo and lots of fabulous stickers which Little Mr loved.
  • We really loved the space of the arena, something I believe is new this year with the change of venue.
  • There was plenty of activities for Little Mr to do which was great. He loved colouring in, playing in the Little Tikes area, playing with the Duplo, the music playing and the atmosphere was very family friendly.
  • We had lots of fun and came away with a pushchair full of goodies.
  • The baby change tent was great offering privacy and somewhere to lay the little one to change (and dispose of) their nappies.
  • We resisted the most amazing looking cakes, French delights and the adult creche (bar) but they all looked great with plenty of choice and prices didn’t look too bad.

LolliBop 2014

What we hope to see next year

  • We would have loved to see an undercover picnic area so if it rains we could enjoy our picnic without feeling like we had to join in
  • I’d love to see a few more brands there. There’s lots of brands who I would love to see there and think they would fit in brilliantly for example, Mega Bloks and Fisher-Price.
  • I’d love to see more of the entertainment. Hopefully next year Little Mr will understand the concept of watching entertainers on stage.

LolliBop 2014

Our first LolliBop experience was overall rather enjoyable. We really enjoyed our day and loved spending the day out in the arena having fun and seeing the faces of both Little Mr and our nephew enjoying themselves. Precious family times and we can’t wait to go again next year.

Disclaimer: We were given free tickets and car parking for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and photographs are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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Leave the car with APH and start your holiday in style!

aph meet and greet

The boarding passes have been downloaded, the passports are all safe in the drawer and the currency is in the purse. The holiday clothes have been washed, the suitcases are packed and you’re all ready for your first family holiday abroad. But how are you going to get to the airport? The taxi firm won’t take your toddlers car seat and there’s no other way to get to the airport without driving yourself. What do you do? You book APH Meet and Greet of course!

We recently used the Birmingham Meet and Greet Parking service by APH to start our holiday to Turkey in style. It’s all very simple to organise. You simply book a convenient meet and greet at the airport (online or by telephone) and meet your own personal chauffeur at the agreed location at the airport. Once your car has been checked over for dinks, your car will be chauffeur driven to a safe and secure location whilst you enjoy your holiday. We met Becky at Birmingham International train station (we didn’t have to pay to get into or out of a car park which was great) who thoroughly checked over hubby’s car and agreed that there was a mark on the windscreen but apart from that, the car was in perfect condition. We handed over the keys and Becky drove off with hubby’s pride and joy!

I’ll admit, hubby was a little cautious as to hand his car keys over to a complete stranger but the service was brilliant. We met Becky at the agreed time, we were on time for our flight. It was simple, easy and stress free.

aph 1

All ready to start our holiday

On arrival back to Birmingham a week later, I rang APH once we had collected our luggage and they met us fifteen minutes later at the agreed location. The car, just as we left it, with Becky who returned it to us.

The whole process was simple and gave us the start and end to our holiday that we needed. We would highly recommend APH Meet and Greet and will look to book the same package next time we fly away.

Disclaimer: We experienced the Meet and Greet service from APH for the purpose of this review. All views are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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