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    My plans for my self-employed Summer

    Self employed summer

    This is the first summer where I am officially self-employed. Last summer I was on maternity leave from my HR job and had some income guaranteed at the end of the month. It was a great summer with Olly at home helping with a then baby Freddie and being able to go outside, meet up with friends and take each day as it came. This year it’s a little different being completely self-employed and it’s both terrifying and satisfying all in one go! Continue Reading

  • freelance mum life

    That freelance life // Six months on

    It’s been six months since I officially went freelance, so how’s it going? Making the leap to work for yourself is daunting. What if it doesn’t work out? How do you fit everything in?…

  • Modern day bloggers don’t just blog

    I was recently asked if I was returning to work after having my youngest son and I told the person (who will remain anonymous) that in fact I’m not returning to work but instead…

  • Vorwerk

    Do you really love your job?

    *A collaborative post  Have you ever thought about changing your career or your job? Do you really love your current job? According to recent research* from German appliance maker Vorwerk, only 13% of UK…