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    Making good progress with potty training

    Huggies Pull-Ups

    Ever since we started to consider potty training with Olly, it hasn’t run smooth. The mere suggestion of using the potty sent him into fits of hysterics and he was very reluctant to let us know when he had done something in his nappy. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but knew it was something we would have to tackle as part of everyday life as a Parent.

    We have been working with Huggies Pull-Ups this year which has been a tremendous help. As a first time Parent, I had no idea what the signs were that meant my toddler was ready for potty training, I didn’t know that you should tackle dry day times before tackling dry night times and I didn’t have a clue how hard it would be when your toddler does a poo in the middle of the dining room whilst he’s wearing a pair of little boy pants and then asks you what it is when it’s all over his hands, gross!

    Making progress

    As I work Monday to Thursday, we’ve been asking Olly’s Grandparents to help us out with his potty training. For three days out of the four, he has done incredibly well. He’ll happily wear his Pull-Ups during the day when they’re out and about and will wear really cute little pants with dinosaurs all over them when they’re staying in. We’ve been using both Huggies Pull-Ups and pants to aid Olly’s understanding with potty training and I’m really impressed with how well he’s done. Unfortunately, when he’s at my Parents in the week, he won’t entertain the idea of sitting on the potty. Granted, it’s a different potty to the one he has at his other Nanny’s or at home but it’s still a struggle and not for the want of trying. My Mom has been using Huggies Pull-Ups which have been much more successful.

    Huggies Pull-Ups

    Huggies Pull-Ups learning pants are specifically designed to help make potty training easier. The new Learning Liner inside allows toddlers to feel wetness for a few moments, before quickly drawing the moisture away. That way toddlers can learn the difference between wet and dry and can eventually stay dry on their own.

    Yes to Learning

    Over the last couple of weeks, we have had much more success with Olly having regular wees on the potty whilst wearing his Huggies Pull-Ups and whilst we have had a few accidents of not getting to the potty in time, we are clearly making progress, Olly is learning and I’m very pleased.

    Just today, Olly has had a completely dry day. He wore a nappy once he got up to eat breakfast as he’s very regular in the poo department (we haven’t even considered tackling poos on the potty yet!) but then he changed into pants whilst we were in the house. As we were off out shopping, he changed into a Huggies Pull-Ups learning pants just in case he got caught short but to my surprise he was completely dry when we got home. We had a really good day today. Olly had three wees on the potty and earned himself three stickers for his sticker reward chart. He’s had no accidents and I could not be any more proud of my little man. He’s done so well today. He’s gone to bed in a nappy as we’re going to tackle dry daytimes before we tackle the night time (on advice from Amanda Jenner) but I’m so happy with the progress we’ve made today.


    All smiles after a successful day potty training

    We have had such an interesting journey with Huggies Pull-Ups over the last six months and we’re so thankful for all their help, advice and support in making the transition with Olly. This definitely isn’t the end of our potty training journey and I’ll blogging more of our journey in the new year.

    In the mean time, if your toddler is about to potty train check out the Huggies Pull-Ups website for more helpful tips and advice and also request a free sample for your little one.

    Disclaimer: We are Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassadors, all words and images are my own.