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Emma Shilton

    Can Modius help me lose weight?


    *Paid partnership with Modius* 

    I have been documenting my battle to lose weight on this blog since I started it back in 2008. For many years, this blog recorded my successes following the Slimming World diet and how I lost over five stone to help me conceive our second baby in 2017. Fast forward to the present day and I’m once again trying to battle the weight I gained post pregnancy and beyond. Straight up, I am so tired of trying to lose weight. It is a constant source of anxiety for me, it strips me of my confidence and I would prefer to hide away at home so no-one can see me. I’d love nothing more than to be slimmer and healthier but losing weight is really hard work.  Continue Reading

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    Our Shilton Boys // April 2019

    Blimey, it’s time of the month again to share how the last month has been for our Shilton boys. It’s been a good month for them both as we’ve now moved Freddie into Olly’s…

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    Tyres: What you should know

    *A collaborative post*  Looking after your car is vital no matter whether you drive long distances every week or just do a few miles each month. Your tyres are responsible for a great deal…

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    Being a Mummy to my boys is on the whole, my dream come true. It’s the moments of complete pride, where I stare at my two children and can’t quite believe they’re mine and…