Planning a space themed siblings shared bedroom

siblings shared bedroom

The time has come for us to redecorate the boys shared bedroom. We need to make it more practical, use brilliant storage solutions and give them a space where the both of them can play with their toys and read their books. It’s time to make their shared bedroom a space for them to relax as currently their room is always a mess with no space to play or enjoy their things. 

Their current bedroom

The boys shared bedroom currently has lots of furniture, toys and books in it with not much space to play. Whilst Olly has his cabin bed in there with a 3-drawer unit, a pull out desk and book storage underneath, there’s also Freddie’s cotbed and changing unit. Both of which he is rapidly growing out of. He sleeps well in his cotbed but it’s not practical in the small space of their bedroom. The baby changing unit has been well used over the last six years so it doesn’t owe us anything, having used it for both boys in their early years but it’s time to make way for more practical storage and a space they can both use now, and as they grow.

Their new shared bedroom space

Ideally they need to be able to share a bunk bed and make space for more practical storage along the back wall where Freddie’s cotbed is currently. We are planning on buying a bunk bed for them to both share with Olly on the top bunk and Freddie on the bottom. We have seen a lovely bunk bed with additional storage built into it as shelving which will be fantastic for storing some of their books, a nightlight and their smaller teddies. The Orion Bunk Bed (around £400) is our first choice and we have space for it in their bedroom. We really need to make the most of the space available in their room so this is ideal for what we need it for.

siblings shared bedroom

Currently Olly’s wardrobe with the majority of his clothes is in our bedroom. There just wasn’t space for him to have his wardrobe in their bedroom. To ensure they both have a dedicated space in their own room for clothing storage, we’re going to get the Stuva / Fritids wardrobes from IKEA (£125 each). These have a hanging clothes area as well as 2 shelves and 4 pull-out drawers. This should be plenty of storage for them both and I’m actually looking forward to having both boys clothes all in one place.

With all their clothes neatly stowed away in the wardrobes, we should have plenty of room for a set of 4×2 Kallax units (£75) to house all their toys. If it doesn’t fit in or on top, it simply cannot stay! We’re going to have to have a huge toy cull in the next few weeks. I’ve been buying the storage boxes in advance and have already got 6 red star storage boxes (£4) from Avon. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be selling them anymore.

Soft Furnishings

Currently there’s a curtain up at the window but it lets a lot of light in and I’m pretty sure it’s contributing to my early risers. I’ve bought Navy Stardust blackout curtains (£70) from GLTC and they will help to blackout the sunshine from streaming in during the day. We also have a beautiful wooden-look white blind to go up on the window so we can use both blinds and curtains at the windows.

The boys already have star bedding from Next so we’ll continue to use that. Freddie has a toddler quilt and pillow and fortunately, Next sell a toddler sized version of the single bed cover so they can have similar patterns on their beds. John Lewis also sell a navy and white star cushion which would be lovely on their beds but I’m not sure if it’ll get thrown around and not serve any purpose!

For the ceiling light, I’ve seen a fab star ceiling lampshade at John Lewis (£15) which will match the curtains. The boys both sleep with the light on in their bedroom so we’ll see if we need to replace the table lamp once their room is finished.

Siblings Shared Bedroom Space

Finishing Touches

My boys love space. Olly is a huge space fan and so the stars fit really well and will last the boys as they get a bit older. Stars don’t really age do they? I have found the most adorable Space Themed felt bunting (£23.95) from Etsy, it’s a kit that I’ll need to stitch myself but I like a challenge. I think it’ll look really cute in their room. For their wall, we’ve got them an astronaut wooden clock (£24.95) from Rex London which is amazing, Olly is currently learning to tell the time so he is going to love that on his wall.

Rex London sell brilliant space themed nightlights; the Moon Planet Night Light (£4.95) is small but will look brilliant on the shelf next to the bed. I also love this Moon Night Light (£5.95) as it’s cute and practical for a soft glow whilst the boys sleep. The Space Age Rocket Night Light  (£5.95) is also brilliant and would add another layer of light to the shelf next to Olly.

We’re going to be taking down their current floating shelves and replacing them with sturdy white shelving (to match the bedroom furniture) and we’re planning on adding a bookcase fitted to the wall to make use of the dead space on one of the walls. My boys both love books so it’ll be great to see more front covers on display.

That’s the plan so far for their shared bedroom. Our next step is to declutter as much as we can. Recycle and donate toys to charity shops and the local hospital where we can and regain the floor space from the mountain of toys dumped in the corner of their room. Wish us luck!

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