Our Shilton Boys // May 2019


The last four weeks have been really lovely for my boys. They’ve had some brilliant time together and really enjoyed each others company. As Freddie grows, he’s becoming stuck to Olly like glue. He’s completely besotted with him. He hangs on every word his older brother says and it is adorable to watch. Watching my boys relationship blossom is one of my proudest achievements. Seeing them together is just wonderful. I know I say this often as I know they won’t always be like this but for now, I’m soaking it all up! 

Since our last update, we’ve been away to Cornwall and enjoyed some very lovely weather outside. We’ve been able to enjoy the fresh air, play with a football, run around and burn off lots of energy (them, not me!) and really enjoy the freedom of being in the countryside or on the beach.


They’ve both had a fantastic time and in reality, I don’t think any of us wanted to come home. I love this photograph of them both above. We were at a beachside cafe at Porthgwidden, St Ives and we had ordered the boys some cake and a drink. Whilst they were waiting for it to arrive, Olly was making Freddie laugh with silly noises and faces and as you can see, Freddie was completely enthralled. They’re brilliant to watch. Olly is the best big brother, he’s just full of love for his little brother.

Freddie is now 16 months old and full of character. He’s learning lots of words and just this weekend said  his big brothers name. His understanding is very good and we can ask him to do things, or fetch something and he’ll know what we mean. I ask him sometimes if he wants a nap and he’ll go and stand at the bottom of the stairs as if to indicate he wants to go upstairs for a nap.

He’s sleeping and napping well, once usually in the afternoon. He’s mostly such a joy to be around. He’s really laid back but he’s not afraid of climbing which is new to me! He can climb up on the sofa and the dining room chairs. He’s confident in climbing up the stairs but still needs to be carried down them. He could probably try them as he’s mastered the small steps at soft play, going down on his tummy, but I’m not happy for him to try our stairs at home yet.

Olly is doing well at school and seems to be coming out of his shell more. He’s such a different child in the morning to when he comes out of school. One day he’ll be all smiles when he goes in, I’m hoping! He’s reading is brilliant and he’s enjoying being creative. Painting, writing, drawing and colouring are some of his favourite things to do as well as maths, he does enjoy maths too!


I do love these Shilton boys of mine. They drive me bonkers sometimes when they don’t listen or push their luck every so often, but I wouldn’t change them for the world!

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  • Reply Kim Carberry 17/05/2019 at 9:18 pm

    Aww! How cute are your boys. I can’t believe how much Freddie has grown. Olly sounds like such a fab big brother!
    Gorgeous photos x

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