Our Shilton Boys // April 2019

Shilton Boys April 2019

Blimey, it’s time of the month again to share how the last month has been for our Shilton boys. It’s been a good month for them both as we’ve now moved Freddie into Olly’s bedroom and they’re now sharing the room. Olly is still in his cabin bed and Freddie is in his cot. It’s meant a move around of furniture too so both our bedroom and their bedroom is a little bit all over the place but for now, it works.

Olly’s had a good month in school although he’s been getting far more upset of a morning than we would have liked. Since his birthday we seem to have gone backwards a little bit and we’re not too sure why. He seems to be worrying about going into Year Two and all the change that involves. He’s also worrying about having a different teacher as the school have had a staff shift around and his current Teacher is moving into Year Two and he’ll be having a new teacher for the last 18/19 term. Olly did receive the GETFAB award earlier in the month for being helpful which of course, made him very anxious about going into school but we were proud of him nevertheless.

Shilton Boys April 2019

Freddie seems to be changing every day. He’s much more aware of words we’re using and we can ask him now if he wants a nap and he’ll walk over to the bottom of the stairs to go up into his cot. Similarly, we’ll ask him if he needs a nappy change and he’ll do the same (his changing table is in his bedroom). He’s been trying to say different words and often points to things he wants and says “diss” which I think is brilliant. Apparently he’s been saying “ta” as in ‘thank you’ but I’ve not heard him say that yet. I love this stage of his development. There’s always something new to discover. Seeing the world through his eyes really does make you appreciate all the little things. I remember this stage with Olly and it’s just wonderful, it’s exhausting but wonderful all the same.

Bedtimes seem to have got a little easier and Freddie has been sleeping through most nights. He’s had a few nights where he’s woken up all upset, hot and flustered but we think he’s teething and I know as an adult how painful that can be so for a little one who doesn’t really understand it must be awful. On the guidance of our fabulous friend, sleep expert, Fi Star-Stone, we’ve dropped Freddie’s naps to just one a day for a maximum of two hours and so far it seems to be working. He gets very tired by 4pm and we have to power through with entertainment, snacks and the dinner/bath routine before his bedtime at 7pm. If he’s too tired we’ll take him up earlier but usually he goes up at 7pm.

Our boys have had a really lovely but busy month and it’s so nice to see them getting on well. They’ll both have a book before going to bed. Usually it’s their Daddy that reads to them both but on occasion, Olly has read a story to his little brother. It’s very cute to see.

Over the next month, we are off to Cornwall for the Easter break and we’ve got plenty of beach days planned. We cannot wait for some warmer weather that’s been promised too!

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