Olly 6 birthday

Yesterday our eldest turned six years old. It was a day full of memories for me. Six years ago, on a Sunday, was the day he was born. It was a stressful day with a failed induction that resulted in an emergency c-section but our beautiful baby boy was born safely and has kept us on our toes ever since. 

Olly 6 birthday

At six years old, Olly is in Year One at school and has come on such a long way since he started in Reception. We no longer get mornings full of upset, tears and sickness, thankfully he’s made peace with the idea that he has to go to school and our mornings are much happier as a result.

At school, Olly is doing really well. He’s a bright button, albeit sometimes quite shy, but a good listener, an excellent reader and is improving his handwriting. Just recently Olly was awarded star of the week and he proudly stood at the front of the assembly in front of the whole school and collected his award. He was awarded it for bravely facing new challenges and for someone who is often anxious about change, it was so lovely to see him accept it with a big smile on his face.

Olly has lots of friends at school but tends to play with a handful on a very regular basis. His best friend is Maisie and they work really well together in school. Last week, Olly was upset that one of his friends had called him some names (nothing nasty just a few names Olly didn’t like) and I was a little worried about it. However the next day they were friends again and shared things together so I think it’s all about finding out who can tolerate what in the classroom and finding out who can push each others boundaries!

At home, Olly is a huge Lego and Playmobil fan. He’s obsessed with Lego everywhere and can build cars and planes with ease. He loves to let his hair down with some time on the PlayStation and we bought him a Nintendo Switch for his birthday but we’ll be negotiating time for him to play on that after school in the week. He’ll happily sit and craft, paint and draw, we just sometimes need to remind him to do these things instead of reaching for the PS4 controllers!

He’s the best big brother to our little Freddie, always wanting to make sure his little brother is happy. Now Freddie is walking, Freddie wants to follow Olly everywhere which can sometimes irritate him but mostly he’s ok to play with him for a while to keep him happy. I just love seeing them together when they think no-one is watching. They hug each other and Olly will give Freddie a kiss. It’s just so lovely and I’m pleased they get on so well.

six years old

Thankfully, like the morning school woes, Olly’s sleeping issues seem to have stopped. It takes him ages to drop off but once he’s asleep he’s asleep for the night often waking up at 7:30am which is great. We do sometimes have a few nights where he wants to sleep with us in our room with Freddie but these are few and far between.

Unfortunately as he’s getting older, he wants less and less photographs taken. Often saying no to blog events and campaigns that would require me to take photographs of him and I have to respect that. If he doesn’t want to take part, that’s his choice and being in front of the camera isn’t for everyone and that’s why you’ll see less of him on my blog and social media in the future and that’s fine by me.

We are so proud of the young man he’s growing into, it definitely makes all the hard work, tears and traumas worth it. We love you so very much Ollybobs! Keep being you!

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