Merry Christmas // from Our Shilton Boys


It’s a Christmas Eve! All the presents are wrapped, Christmas cards delivered (sorry if we forgot anyone!) and the fridge is stocked with yummy treats and indulgences we can only get away with at this time of year. As it is Freddie’s first Christmas, we don’t have any huge expectations. He’ll probably be overwhelmed by the wrapping paper and love to play with boxes and tv remotes instead of gifts chosen carefully by us, our friends and family. There will probably be tears from both boys as it gets a bit too much, Olly wanting to stay up way past his usual bedtime and from me, as it all gets a little bit too emotional. 

I wanted to share these photographs as I think they are too adorable not to share. Taken by Sarah Bartleet Photography and used as one of our family Christmas cards, I just love them. Capturing both my boys wonderfully, Freddie laughing and Olly looking rather excited to share the big day with his baby brother.

Whatever you have planned over the next few days, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and will join us in the next year as we celebrate Freddie’s first birthday and set our goals for the new year of self-employment!

Merry Christmas to you all


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