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An Interview with - Baby's First Christmas

Continuing my nosey at Baby’s First Christmas plans, traditions and practices, is an interview with the lovely Jade who writes at Raising the Rings. Her baby boy Milo will be celebrating his first Christmas this year. 

An Interview with - Baby's First ChristmasHello Jade, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your family?

Hello! I’m Jade, wife to Jamie and mum to three beautiful boys; Toby who’s 5, Teddy who’s 3 and Milo who is just a few weeks old and we live in the very lovely West Norfolk!

Jade Raising the rings

What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas?

I’ve actually already done quite a fair chunk of Christmas shopping but I do like to save one or two bits to buy from town. There’s something so wonderful about a bit of late night shopping when the town’s Christmas lights are on and buying something when it’s actually all Christmassy.

This year I’d really love to do some home made decorations with the boys and get our bake on, making the most of the weekends leading up to Christmas. Other than that, it’ll be Christmas movies, wrapping up presents gradually (I love drawing it out) and getting cosy in the evenings with a hot chocolate and my favourite people.

Jade Raising the Rings

Will you be starting any new traditions or keeping up with any old ones? 

We don’t really have any family traditions as yet. I’d really love to do a proper Christmas Eve box for the boys this year as the older two are really starting to understand the magic. We do lay out a mince pie and a bit of tipple for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph though. Of course!

Jade Raising the Rings

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

This year I think we’ll do what we did last year; wake up at home, have a good breakfast, open our presents and then get ready to head to my in-laws for more presents and a fantastic roast dinner. Next year we’ll be hosting Christmas as our extension will be done (hopefully)!

What will Milo be wearing on Christmas Day?

Oh goodness, I haven’t even thought about that yet! I’d really love to get them all some matching pyjamas for the night before but I’d also really love to get something similar/matching for Christmas Day too. Perhaps a cheeky little Christmas jumper?

What gifts will you be buying for Milo for his first Christmas, if any?

Goodness me, this is so difficult! With Milo being our third baby we are absolutely not short on any toys, clothes or otherwise right now. Potentially we may just have to put some money in his bank account or even just put some money aside for when he needs bigger sized clothes, new shoes or if we see something we might like to get for him. It’s so hard especially as he’ll only be 12 weeks old.

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with Milo this year? 

Yes! As I said above, I definitely want to get more crafty with the boys this Christmas. I’ll hold my hands up and say my efforts in previous years have been poor and pretty non-existent but I’d love to do a few things with them all this year.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas and how are you going to make it special? 

Quite honestly I am just looking forward to all the family time. That’s not something I can always say I look forward to because our boys can be quite intense but this year I feel that because they really get it, that it’s just going to be that bit more magical. And now that we have Milo and our family is complete it’s going to be such a special time spending our first Christmas together as a family of 5. I’m not going to go out of my way crazy to make it special because I think the tree, decorations and time together is enough for us. Oh, and the food. You’ve got to look forward to the food, right?

Will Milo be visiting Father Christmas this year? And do you still believe? 

For the last couple of years we’ve taken the boys to a big, indoor grotto where they’ve met and seen Father Christmas but last year they just didn’t seem as interested – perhaps because it wasn’t particularly new to them, I’m not sure. This year though we’re taking them on The Polar Express! One of the county’s train stations is doing a special event so we’ll get hot chocolate and a silver bell. We can turn up in our pyjamas and really embrace the feel of The Polar Express film. I believe Father Christmas will be making an appearance at some point, too! I definitely still believe! If you can’t believe in Father Christmas, who can you believe in hey?

Wishing you all a very happy First Christmas with Milo..x

Jade blogs at Raising the Rings


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