Making childhood memories on holiday


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As a family one of the best things we can do together is spend quality time with each other on holiday.   ‘On the Beach‘ recently asked us how we make childhood memories on holiday and how we find a family balance and it got me thinking. Holidays are a time when we can all relax, take it easy with no routines and a slower pace of life. Since we welcomed our first little boy Olly, back in 2013, we have saved up to take a family holiday each summer and it really is the best way to make childhood memories. However, it is important to find a family balance so everyone can enjoy their time away from home and take as much away from the holiday as possible. 

Making memories

Whenever we go on holiday we like to make sure that the holiday starts at the airport. Travelling with children can be quite stressful so I try to remain as calm as possible whilst checking in our bags, going through security and then onto the plane. Olly loves going to the airport on day trips so being able to actually board a plane is really exciting.

Although Olly has been on a plane a number of times, he can only really remember the flights to France last year and to Fuerteventura a couple of years ago. He loved looking out the window, speaking to the air hostess and his ears popping as the plane came into land. It amazes me that he can still remember small things like that.

On the Beach‘ have asked us to share our experiences of creating childhood memories and how we find the family balance on our holiday so we’ve filmed a little video including our top tips.

Finding a balance

When we’re on holiday, we like to relax and enjoy ourselves. It’s really important that we spend down time just chilling out, having a few lazy days at the hotel pool, soaking up the sunshine and visiting the beach. I think if you go on holiday and go out everyday seeing the sights you’ll end up exhausted and need another holiday when you get home.

On The Beach holiday

We do love exploring though and enjoy seeing new places. I love looking online for potential holidays and often visited ‘On the Beach‘ for inspiration. When we stayed in Jandia in Fuerteventura we took a taxi to the biggest town near our hotel, Morro Jable and explored the marina. We saw wild stingray swimming in the sea, we explored the cobbled streets to find somewhere nice for lunch and then walked back along the beach and paddled in the clearest water we have ever seen. It was stunningly beautiful.

Back at the hotel, Olly and Shilts loved going swimming in the pool and Olly built his confidence up splashing in the water. I loved to relax and read a book by the poolside and cool off in the pool in the afternoon. We had a fantastic holiday there and I love looking back at the photographs seeing Olly so little with the biggest grin on his face.

On The Beach holiday

That’s the holiday where he began to love Tom and Jerry cartoons, they were on at the family cinema after dinner in the evenings and he loved watching them. So much so, we had to buy a couple of DVDs after we got home and he still watches them now.

On The Beach holiday

We cannot wait to start building memories with our newest family member, our baby boy Freddie who is just 9 months old. We’re planning a big holiday next year, possibly to a sunny European resort with plenty for the children to do, a beautiful beach and somewhere big enough to explore but isn’t overwhelming. If you ask Olly, he’d be on the next plane back to Fuerteventura, he loved it there.

We’ll be looking online for our next family holiday and we’ll definitely take a look at what hotels and holiday packages ‘On the Beach‘ can find for us. We need sunshine, a big warm pool, plenty to keep the children entertained (and adults too) as well as something to see or experience away from the hotel.

How do you create childhood memories for your children on holiday? Do you find you have a family balance?


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  • Reply Geri C 22/10/2018 at 10:13 pm

    My children love our family holidays, we try to do the same as you with some pool time, time to explore and a beach day. Great vlog, love little Freddie wriggling about!

  • Reply Becky 22/10/2018 at 10:24 pm

    Lovely post. We don’t realise as adults how much our children are soaking up every experience we give them including our holidays.

  • Reply Emma 23/10/2018 at 2:41 pm

    It’s such a good idea to make memories whilst away! I want to get booking our next break away in the sun now!

  • Reply Sarah 24/10/2018 at 1:13 pm

    This is so lovely. We’ve only ever had one holiday with our little ones, and although it wasn’t a huge holiday, they still talk about it all the time! It shows just how much they are taking in!

  • Reply tobygoesbananas 23/11/2018 at 12:55 pm

    Holidays are great for making memories – some of my earliest memories are from childhood holidays and I hope we can give our boys some great memories too :)

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