How To Create A Feature Wall For Your Living Room

living room redecoration

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When we think of a feature wall, we think of something that instantly grabs the eye and draws it in, and that’s essentially what you want to be doing. There are many different ways of doing that though, and something that you should also keep in mind, is your personality. There is nothing better than a home fitting perfectly with the owner’s style and vibe.

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It just makes it even more of a welcoming and exciting place to be. So before you start redesigning your room, make a quick list of some of your traits and emotions. This will help a lot when you start thinking about colour, because they pair up with feelings and moods. You will also want to think about your living room layout as that will play a part in making the wall a focal point. Now you have a few tips, here are some ideas for creating the best feature wall.


Choosing a bold colour will definitely make any wall stand out, so when painting the area, always come up with a secondary colour, as well as a primary colour. So for example, if your main colour is a stone grey, that’s what will be painted on most of your walls. Your secondary colour could be a deep wine red, and that’s what will cover your feature wall. But then you always want to tie it all together, so you can then look for little accessories or bits of decore like candles and placemats that are the same shade of red.


Art is a lovely way of making a wall more interesting, and the other great thing about it is that it can come in so many different forms. It can be a photograph, or a painting, or even a strange design or sculpture that can hang from the wall itself. The kind of art that you choose also says a lot about who you are and the story that you want to tell, so try not to opt for something ‘just because’. Have a reason why, because your guests will more than likely ask you about it. Better yet – create the piece of art yourself!


Patterns can be painted, or come from an intricate wallpaper design, or a tapestry. You can use pretty much whatever you want as long as you like it. There are so many different designs out there that come in all different formations, and remember that you can always come up with one yourself too. Don’t be afraid of going funky with it all and standing out from the crowd – that’s the point of a feature wall anyway so there’s nothing that you can do that’s too over the top. If you wanted to splatter various fluorescent paints over the surface – so be it.

living room redecoration

Now you have a few ideas, get thinking about what best reflects you, and then just go for it. If ever it doesn’t work out the way you had envisioned it to – don’t worry. Paint over it and start again.

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