Our Shilton Boys // March 2018

Siblings March 2018

It’s the middle of March and our Shilton boys have been getting to know one another for just over nine weeks. I can’t quite believe where the weeks are going as it is flying by, before we know it, it’ll be Easter. Our boys are enjoying spending time together and it is so lovely to see them both looking at each other and trying to interact with one another. 

Siblings March 2018

Freddie is becoming a lot more aware of Olly now and looks for him when he hears his voice. He beams when he sees Olly and has started to make little noises as if he’s having a chat with his big brother. The way Freddie looks at him is just adorable and I can see a bond growing well between them both.

Siblings March 2018

Olly is very patient with Freddie. He knows that Freddie can be happy and smiley one minute then upset the next. Olly likes to talk to his little brother and I often ask him to watch Freddie whilst I wash my hands after a nappy change and Olly will happily have a random conversation with him chatting about the day. I’ve been really impressed how Olly is happy to share his time with Freddie and he’s not shown much jealousy around him at all which is good.

Siblings March 2018

Whilst Olly has been wonderful with Freddie, we’ve noticed he can get a little bit jealous when other people pay attention to Freddie, in particularly his cousin. Olly adores his cousin and always wants to play with him but his cousin is at the age now where the age difference is becoming a bit more apparent and he doesn’t always want to play with Olly. However, his cousin adores Freddie and Olly seems a bit put out by it now he’s not getting his cousins full attention. I’m sure Olly will get used to it over time.

March 2018 Siblings

I do adore these Shilton boys of mine. People seem to comment on the age gap between our boys but it doesn’t bother me. Olly is at the age where he knows whats going on, he’s helpful and attentive to his little brothers needs and at the same time enjoys one on one time with his Daddy and cuddles with me of an evening. I can’t wait to see these two together when they’re older. They’re going to be brilliant together.

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  • Reply Laura 24/03/2018 at 8:36 pm

    These are adorable photos Emma. I love the way they look at each other, it reminds me so much of when Holly was born. They are going to be best buddies x

  • Reply Laura | Little Ladies Big World 24/03/2018 at 8:56 pm

    Ah these are precious photos, and I think the jealousy is totally normal especially when it’s someone who he adores too. X

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