Elective Caesarean Pre-Op // What to Expect

39 weeks pregnant pre-op Caesarean section

Next week I’ll be having my baby boy during my 39th week of pregnancy by elective caesarean delivery. It’s not a decision that has been taken lightly but on the grounds of a baby that was last known to be breech and my diagnosis of polyhydramnios, it’s a safe delivery for us both that’s our main concern. Today I went into hospital for my pre-op appointment and thought I’d share my experience as it’s something that I have been looking for information on and thought it would be useful. 

39 weeks pregnant pre-op Caesarean section

Pre-op blood test

The pre-op appointment runs through the preparations prior to my elective caesarean section. On arrival in antenatal, I was met by a midwife who took me straight into the bloods room for a blood test. They need to take a blood test to determine my blood group in case I need a blood transfusion during surgery and also to see if I’m anaemic or not. My iron levels have increased during the third trimester so I’m hoping that I’m not anaemic at this late stage. Unfortunately for me, my veins refused to give any blood for the midwives (two of them tried and failed) so a doctor in triage had to have a go and succeeded to get blood from the back of my hand (ouch!)

Getting weighed and pre-op paperwork

Next I was taken into antenatal and weighed (it wasn’t pretty) as they need to know how much anti-clotting drug to order for me after baby boys delivery. I was then taken into an assessment room and the midwife went through some paperwork with me. She asked me questions about any allergies, what medication I was currently on and if I had any previous caesareans sections.


She then told me about the medication I needed to take the night before and first thing in the morning on the date of the surgery. I have two ranitidine (antacid) tablets to take and will be nil by mouth from 6 hours prior to admission.

Shower on the day

The midwife told me I needed to shower on the morning of surgery and there is no requirement to shave any of my pubic hair off (unless you’re pedantic about presentation). I’m really pleased I can shower on the morning before I go into hospital. With my emergency delivery with Olly, I hadn’t had a shower in two days (as I was induced) and I felt so disgusting. It’ll be lovely to arrive feeling so fresh ahead of my stay in hospital.


The midwife told me I was likely to have a regional anaesthetic in the form of a spinal. A spinal anaesthetic is where a needle will be placed into my back to numb me from just under my breasts downwards and it should last between 3-4 hours but is dependant on the person how long the anaesthetic

Delivery in order of priority

I was told that there were three other ladies booked in for their elective caesareans on the same day as me and they’ll each be ranked in priority of needs / risk as to who is taken to theatre first. But I can expect to have had my baby boy and be on the ward by 5pm that evening.

I was given a couple of leaflets to read (one about general information from my hospital about a caesarean birth and one about anaesthesia for caesarean sections) which are really useful to read and give me an insight into what I can expect on delivery day.


I asked the midwife some questions about how long I could expect to stay on the ward, when I am likely to go home, some feeding questions and other bits and pieces and she was really informative and helpful. We felt comfortable with the information she gave us and I now feel confident in the plan of action ahead of the big day.

Hospital Bag

So my hospital bags are packed and I’m ready to have my baby boy! I’m so excited but a little nervous but that’s natural right?

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  • Reply Dawn Foster 07/01/2018 at 8:09 am

    Aw so exciting for you can’t wait to hear your news. Try and rest and enjoy

  • Reply Kim Carberry 07/01/2018 at 8:02 pm

    Aww! How exciting! Sending love and hugs. I hope everything goes well…
    I have had 2 planned c-sections and the recovery went well and I was home within a couple of days. Good luck x

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