Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit // Review

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

It is certainly safe to say that since the arrival of Olly, the Shilton household has gone car crazy.  We can’t move at home for small toy cars, and with crates and boxes overflowing, our little man loves nothing more than driving them around the room and letting his imagination run wild.  When Mattel UK gave us the chance to put their new Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge kit through its paces, we were only too happy to get our zoom on!

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

The brightly coloured and attractive packaging immediately took the eye of Olly, and he was very excited as we took out the 70 piece set and laid the parts out.  The instruction manual in hand, we set about building the track.  The first thing that we noticed was that due to the unique nature of the Track Builder set, you can create several different layouts from the same pieces.  We opted for the first layout in the manual and we got to work.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

One of the first parts of the layout that we needed to get made was the motorised jump bridge.  Olly was very excited to see this, and he was already starting to ask me how we would get the cars to ‘fly’ over the bridge.  It is important to note that we needed two ‘D’ size batteries in order to assemble this part of the set, and that an appropriately sized cross-hair screwdriver was also required.  This was, however the only thing in the set which required this tool to be used.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

Clear instructions and easy assembly

The rest of the layout was reasonably easy to construct using the clear instructions.  The additional pieces of track slide together easily using connectors underneath, and the pump action launcher also clicks into place with ease.  Once the epic track layout was created, Olly couldn’t wait to switch the motorised bridge on, and begin racing the Hot Wheels car (included in the set) down the track.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

Getting the car successfully across the bridge takes some practice.  We had to experiment with the pump action launcher to work out how fast the car needed to go, and the motorised bridge that moves up and down added an extra dimension to the fun!  The set also comes with some building block pieces, which enabled us to change the angle of the track on the other side of the bridge to give more challenge to the jump, allowing for some really good stunts to be performed!

Fuels imagination

We then turned our attention to a bit of competition, by adding a second car into the fun, and the set really got us thinking about angles, jumps, stunts, landing and speed.  I can see how the set could be used as an excellent learning activity as well as great fun to play with!  The set was quite big once it was assembled, and does need a room’s length floor space to play with successfully.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit

We are sure to have plenty of fun with the Stunt Bridge set over the course of the next few weeks as we change the configuration, build new and epic track layouts, add difficulty to the landing zone with building blocks and try out different Hot Wheels cars on the tracks. It’s fully compatible with other Hot Wheels play sets so you can add to it and add to the fun! It is a great set that really does enable an inquisitive young mind like Olly’s to let his imagination run wild!

The new Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge kit has been released just in time for Christmas and is suitable for children aged 4+ with an RRP of £44.99.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions (and messy bedrooms) are our own! 

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  • Reply Janine Dolan 07/11/2017 at 3:26 pm

    This looks very straight forward to assemble. My 5 year old has a million different hot wheels cars and recently got the slope and the truck that stores all the cars.This would be nice for him but his Christmas list is done for this year.

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