Bacofoil Zipper Bags, how do you use yours?


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If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to get value for money in all the household products you use around the home. There are lots of everyday items that have more than just the one way of using them, with multiple uses often saving time and money. Take the innocent and simple looking Bacofoil Zipper Bag for example, there are literally hundreds of uses for these nifty bags around the home from the pretty straight forward uses in the kitchen to the damn right clever uses around the home.

Using Bacofoil zipper bags in the kitchen

One of the most typical uses of Bacofoil zipper bags in the kitchen is to prepare and store food. Whether it’s to marinade meats in sauces overnight, storing gravy ahead of a busy Sunday lunch or keeping left-over foods fresh from the day before, Bacofoil zipper bags are so useful. With their secure zip closure, nothing is escaping from these bags and with their stand alone base, storing soup and sauces has never been easier. Do you ever rip open a bag of uncooked rice or pasta rendering the packaging they came useless? Pop the foods into a Bacofoil zipper bag and store your rice and pasta fresh for another day.

Bacofoil Zipper Bag Stew

We use Bacofoil zipper bags in baking too. Need crushed biscuits for rocky road or the base of a cheesecake? Pop in a bag the whole biscuits, remove the air from the bag and zip seal shut. Using a rolling pin, gently bash the biscuits and within seconds your biscuits will be crushed and ready to use. Need to knead a biscuit or bread dough and don’t want to get your hands all sticky, pop the dough into the Bacofoil zipper bag, zip to seal and knead the dough through the bag. Great for getting children involved in the kitchen without the mess.

Making cupcakes and don’t have a piping bag for the frosting? Spoon the frosting mixture into a bag, seal the bag and snip the corner of the bag for an easy-to-use piping bag.

Bacofoil zipper bags are brilliant for snacks. Whether it’s for transporting a picnic for fun with friends or popping a snack in a school bag for the children, the easy to use bags are great for keeping food fresh. I like to prepare fruit salads at the beginning of the week; chop up strawberries, grapes, slices of kiwi and melon and store in the fridge, perfect for grab and go on the way to work. Great for preparing and storing fruit for smoothies in advance too.

Using Bacofoil zipper bags around the home

Along with all the multiple uses of the Bacofoil zipper bags in the kitchen, they are brilliantly convenient for use around the home too.

Use a Bacofoil zipper bag to line a make up bag to save the rest of your bag getting covered in product. Similarly, use a Bacofoil zipper bag as a makeshift make up bag for your handbag for a quick and easy way to keep your mascara, lipstick and eye-liner together without getting lost in the bottom of your handbag.

Bacofoil Handbag Make Up

Having a baby? Use the Bacofoil zipper bags for organising your hospital bag. Inside each bag, pop in a vest, sleep suit, hat and mittens along with a nappy and close. Each bag will have a complete set of clothes easy for Mum and Dad to grab when needed.

Bacofoil Zipper Bag Baby Bag

Additionally, keep a couple spare bags inside your changing bag for when you need to transport soiled, wet and smelly clothes home for washing. Pop them inside a bag, seal them shut and they can be taken home without offending anyone.

Bacofoil Zipper Bag Changing Bag

Going on holiday? Organise the children’s clothes by packing complete sets of outfits in each bag. Remembering to include underwear and socks if needed too. When travelling, I pop my suncream and toiletries inside a Bacofoil zipper bag inside my suitcase, just in case they leak. This will keep your clothes clean and dry keeping all the liquid inside the bag should they explode or leak on your travels.

Bacofoil Zipper Bag Suncream

At the beach, keep your phone and camera sand free by popping your valuables in a Bacofoil zipper bag. The secure zip closure will keep your items safe and can also act as a waterproof barrier for any drink spillages too!

Get crafty with the children and use Bacofoil zipper bags as a way to let them explore their creativity. Pour some paint inside a bag, secure the bag to a table on top of a sheet of paper and let the children draw and play with the paint inside the bag. Not only will this keep children’s fingers clean, they can reuse the paint over and over to practice writing letters and numbers.

If you’ve got children, keeping a packet of wet wipes in the car is pretty much essential. Prevent wet wipes from drying out by placing them inside a Bacofoil zipper bag inside your car. Just remember to zip the bag closed.

Bacofoil Zipper Bag Wet Wipes Saver

Get organised and store sets of toys together. We have various sets of Duplo and Lego that are always getting mixed up so once a set of Lego is open, we pop the instructions, front cover and all the various bits inside each bag.

Bacofoil Zipper Bag Lego Organising

There are so many uses for Bacofoil zipper bags, these are just a few ideas that we use at home. What do you use yours for? Bacofoil would love to hear how you use yours? Tweet Bacofoil over at @ilovebacofoil and share your ideas on their Facebook page too.

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  • Reply Claire Jessiman (@foodiequine) 18/09/2017 at 9:35 am

    I actually assumed that the bags were made of foil from the title #doh
    I use zipper bags for my carry on toiletries in hand luggage.

  • Reply Sonia 18/09/2017 at 10:36 am

    I am the same I use them for everything, they are brilliant when travelling too! To me they are up there with baby wipes for must have items ;)

  • Reply Carolin 18/09/2017 at 5:15 pm

    I keep my Kindle in it when I go to the beach, so it doesn’t get sun cream and sand all over it. You can still swipe and read perfectly fine….

  • Reply Sam | North East Family Fun Blog 18/09/2017 at 6:53 pm

    Oh my goodness – SO many ways! Storing LEGO, make up bag inside my hand bag, lunches, to keep pens in when out and about (to keep the kids entertained). They are so versatile aren’t they!

  • Reply Donna 20/09/2017 at 1:55 pm

    These are such great ideas – I love a good bit of organisation! x

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