Our family travel essentials

Family Travel Essentials

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Holidays are a chance for the whole family to unwind, a chance to do something different, a chance to spend some quality time together and a chance to have some real family fun. But often the key to a successful, happy family holiday is all in the preparation before you go. It’s trial and error of course, we’ve all forgotten something at some point but you probably won’t forget it the following year. 

We recently went to France for our family holiday and whilst I was compiling the packing list for the family, there were some essentials that went straight to the top of the list. My toiletry bag is packed as standard as is my hair straighteners and my phone charger. I’m not really a light traveller, making sure I’ve packed all my home comforts and bits and pieces that make being away from home, in a foreign country that little bit easier for me and the rest of the family.

family travel essentials

Mama’s top travel essentials

  • If I’m travelling abroad, I’ll make sure I’ve packed travel plug adapters. These are essential for holidays when you’ve got cameras being used every day and phones that you want to charge up.
  • Swimwear is essential. We love to stay in accommodation with a swimming pool as it helps us relax and unwind on holiday.
  • Beach towels are always packed in the case as there’s nothing better than relaxing on your own soft and cosy towel on the beach.
  • This goes without saying on holidays abroad but sunscreen is essential. Everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful warm sunshine but not to the expense of getting sunburnt!
  • Sunglasses are also an essential for sunny family holidays so protect your eyes and take your sunglasses with you.
  • When you’re travelling to a foreign country, it’s essential to look after your family’s skin and protect them from the threat of getting bitten. Packing a trusted insect repellent such as Jungle Formula is essential. Getting bitten by mosquitoes and other pests doesn’t only irritate little ones skin but can really upset the balance of happiness on a family holiday.
  • Depending on what kind of holiday I’m going on, I love to take a new fiction book to read to help me switch off from everyday life. I love reading books on the plane journey as they help relax me and take my mind off how high up we’re in the sky!
  • Every holiday should be a chance to make memories with the family and capturing these moments on camera is all part of the fun. Packing a camera and an SD card is an absolute must!

Olly’s top travel essentials

Travel essentials

Similar to the list that I usually write up and work from, Olly has his very own packing list for holidays.

  • Sunglasses are an essential for looking pretty cool round the pool
  • Swimwear is again, essential because everyday on holiday should be a pool day.
  • Olly will always pack a different storybook to read every night. Usually of the Mr Men or Thomas the Tank variety, these little books are brilliant for travelling.
  • His toy cars are always packed in the suitcase. Wherever we go, Olly will alway pack a toy car. He has over 100 of these little toy cars and he loves playing with them and keeps him occupied in the airport or at dinner.

Jungle Formula

Jungle Formula have recently introduced their Kids range to help protect little ones whilst they’re on their holidays. The Kids Lotion is easy to apply and is suitable for children aged 12 months plus.  There’s also a fun, hassle free way to protect kids whilst they’re out enjoying the sunshine, the Kids Slap-it band is waterproof and contains the natural active ingredient Geraniol which lasts for up to 2 weeks (based on wearing it up to 8 hours a day). Suitable for children aged 3 plus, it’s a fun way to protect children without the hassle of applying a lotion. The Jungle Formula Kids range is suitable for non-tropical destinations such as the sunny climes of Europe.

What are your family travel essentials? Is your list similar to ours?

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    I have to tape all my toiletries after
    My shampoo decided to pop the cap and go everywhere, they a carrier bag taped round my toiletries bag just to make sure

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