Being a Mummy of two

Olly bunny bike

I have waited so long to be able to say that I’m going to be a Mummy of two. Although I have the bump, I’ve had the morning sickness and the overwhelming tiredness from an iron deficiency, I’m still blown away that in January I’m going to be a Mummy of two boys

This pregnancy so far seems to have flown by. In the very early days when I couldn’t talk to anyone about it in the fear of something going wrong, I was so anxious. I have waited so long to get to this point that I didn’t want to jeopardise it. Thankfully, the anxiety has calmed down and after seeing our baby boy  at three different scans (two paid for privately and one routine NHS) I’m reassured that he is growing well and is developing exactly how he should be. Isn’t the scan photograph incredible, even at 16 weeks he has the same button nose as his big brother.

Baby Boy Scan 16w

In a couple of weeks, we have our 20 week anomaly scan and I’m looking forward to seeing our baby boy again. He already has the same facial profile as his big brother and I’m looking forward to hearing his heartbeat again. It’s such a reassuring sound knowing that he’s happy with a strong heart. I’m looking forward to the sonographer confirming his sex too (just for double reassurance, I asked every time I had a scan with Olly just for them to confirm that he was indeed a baby boy).

After the anomaly scan, I’ll be nearly 21 weeks pregnant and over half way there. I can make plans for my maternity leave from work and we can start making plans for baby boys arrival. I’m so excited to be buying baby clothes for him. We’ve got a lot of clothes from when Olly was a baby and I’m in the midst of sorting through them all to see what we can keep for our baby boy. Some of them haven’t aged well over the last four years but there’s a lot that I’ll be able to wash and dress our newborn baby in come January.

Mummy of two / best little brother vest

It’s the little things that I’m really looking forward to; putting my two boys in their car seats in the back of our car, Olly pushing his little brother in a pushchair on the way to the park, celebrating my children’s birthdays and having two excited boys wake up on Christmas morning to see if Father Christmas has been. I’m really looking forward to seeing Olly build a relationship with his baby brother and for them to grow up together sharing adventures, jokes and stories. Sharing is something that Olly will need to learn to do as he’s obviously used to just being on his own but I know he’ll be absolutely fine. He’s already very excited to have a little brother and I’m really excited for their future.

Olly bunny bike Mummy of two

Being a Mummy of two is a dream in the making and I can’t wait to hold both my boys hands in mine.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox Blog (@PlutoniumSox) 20/08/2017 at 8:38 am

    Aww this is so lovely Emma, I’m excited to see your perfect little family, Olly is going to be an amazing big brother.

  • Reply Hannah 20/08/2017 at 2:35 pm

    So excited for you lovely!! Yay!

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