20 weeks pregnant // halfway there..

20 week pregnant bump

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant. Officially half way there and I can’t quite believe how far we’ve come already. It only seems like a few weeks back since we found out the news that we were expecting and here we are, 20 weeks pregnant with roughly another 20 weeks to go. 

We haven’t had our NHS anomaly (20 week) scan yet, we’ve got an appointment in the week to see our baby boy again and hopefully we’ll get the news that he is growing well and there’s nothing for us to be worried about. I remember his big brother’s 20 week scan where we saw the blood being pumped around his heart and it was incredible to watch. Obviously we know the sex of our baby boy but it’ll be nice to hear confirmation of his gender again.

I’m beginning to feel more soft baby kicks now which are hugely reassuring and whilst there’s no pattern yet, I’m hoping they’ll become stronger and more regular. The sonographer told us at our private scan that my placenta was at the back of my womb rather than at the front (where it was when I was pregnant with Olly) so hopefully I’ll be feeling a lot more kicks this time around which will be lovely for Shilts and Olly to feel too.

20 week pregnant bump

I’m feeling enormous. My bump is a lot more prominent now and I’m hoping I look more pregnant than just fat. I have put on some weight but thankfully not too much. Although I’m still following the SW plan, I’m finding meal times really hard as I swing from having absolutely no appetite to wanting to eat rubbish. I’m still completely off chicken and a lot of squidgy foods. I haven’t had many cravings although have become rather partial to a dirty pot noodle more often than I would ideally like! I’m beginning to drink tea and coffee again (only one cup a day) but I have missed it, it just tasted so odd!

I’m sleeping quite well. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m usually asleep within minutes. The iron tablets I’m taking for my iron deficiency have really helped and I’m feeling a lot more awake than I was in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I’m sleeping with a pregnancy pillow which I can wrap around the base of my back and between my legs. It seems to help support me as I sleep but I’ve been waking up on my back most mornings which I know isn’t recommended but can’t really be helped.

Health wise, I’m feeling good. There’s no heartburn yet and thankfully I haven’t been sick for over two weeks. I am so grateful the morning sickness has eased off. It’s miserable feeling sick all day and actually throwing up, I don’t miss it at all. I’ve been feeling a little bit anxious of late though and usually it’s when I’m tired and should go to bed. My hormones have been quite kind to me so far, I haven’t had any irrational outbursts of tears but I’ve been feeling nervous about silly things that shouldn’t really bother me (going to the dentist, driving into work and being surrounded by lots of people) I’m hoping it’s just hormones and usual feelings when growing another little human.

I’ve been buying some bits and pieces for baby boy over the last few weeks. I’ve taken advantage of the sales and baby events; buying wipes, nappies, baby bottles and muslins. We don’t need much clothing at all for baby boy as I have a lot of stuff from when Olly was a baby but I will need to get a few new bits that didn’t survive being kept in the loft. It’s lovely buying baby clothes so I don’t need an excuse really and baby boy deserves some of his own new clothing as much as Olly did.

Baby boy is nameless at the moment (we are completely clueless with names at this stage, that’s the trouble with having an ex-Teacher as a husband, he associates names with naughty / children with attitude problems that he’s taught in the past so there’s no way we can have those names!) There’s a few names that I like and will keep close to my chest for a while, unfortunately the names we had on our shortlist when Olly was born are no longer options as family and friends have used those names since Olly was born.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be thinking and discussing VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) or elective caesarean with my consultant. It’s something I haven’t really thought about until recently and to be honest, the thought of going through another failed induction absolutely terrifies me. Similarly so does the recovery period after a section so there’s quite a bit to think about and discuss. Whatever happens, it’ll all be worth it for our baby boy.

Keep growing little one, we cannot wait to welcome you into our family. We love you so much already xx

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