A day out with Huggies Pull-Ups and a potty


Little Mr has really thrived this summer holiday. He’s loved spending time with his Daddy, getting one-on-one attention whilst Mummy has been at work and he appears to have really grown up with some of his behaviour and actions. We’ve been talking to him about potty training and wearing his Huggies Pull-Ups potty training pants and what it means for him for the last few months and whilst we’ve been waiting until we think he’s ready, we’ve also been encouraging him to use the potty in the bathroom before he has a bath of an evening.

A couple of weeks ago, Little Mr went to his Grandparents for the day and came back in the afternoon with some very exciting news. He had done his first ever wee on the potty. I was amazed (and to be honest, slightly miffed that I had missed the milestone but was proud none-the-less), we praised him and thought this was a great first step in the right direction and got out the Huggies Pull-Ups for him to wear and continued with the potty in the bathroom that evening.

Huggies Pull-Ups

Later that week, we had planned to enjoy our last Friday of the summer holidays together at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor Park. We wanted to have one last day of giggles and laughter spending some quality time together before the back to school routine kicked in. As we were embracing his new found confidence of sitting on the potty and actually doing something, we thought it would be best to take the Huggies Pull-Ups with us and the My Carry Potty too!

Wearing his Huggies Pull-Ups with his all time favourite Disney character Lightning McQueen on the front, off we went to enjoy a day out on all the Thomas Land rides. The great thing about Huggies Pull-Ups is that they have the learning liner in them so Little Mr can feel the wetness of having a wee for a brief moment before it’s drawn away. Hopefully with him wearing them he’ll begin to understand that the wetness is a wee and will recognise that he’s done something.

We had a fantastic day out at Thomas Land. The weather was overcast and dry but perfect for us to try out all the rides we wanted to have a go on and Little Mr had a ball.

Huggies Pull-Ups

We took the My Carry Potty with us as we wanted to give Little Mr the opportunity to sit down for a wee if he needed it. The potty has a leak-proof seal and a carry handle so perfect for days out and about when little ones decide they need to go. Our potty is a funky bumble bee design and we had to stop a little boy walking off with the potty as we were waiting in a queue for a ride. He loved it so much, his Mom was mortified when she found out what it was but it made me giggle though!

Huggies Pull-Ups

We didn’t have much success with the potty around Thomas Land and had a couple of soggy Pull-Ups too, but I love that we can still carry on going about our day having a fun time and continue the potty training.

Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassador day out

This is one big learning curve for all of us but I’m confident that if we keep going with it and encouraging him and praising him, he’ll crack it and be nappy free!

Disclosure: We are Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassadors 

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  • Reply Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life 03/09/2015 at 10:19 pm

    I love the look of that potty it looks so handy. I have just started potty training Sophia the last week and she is fine in the house as we just leave her with no pants on and she wees on the potty whenever she needs to , but if we put pants on she just wees them. We have brought her pull ups for starting pre school next week so hopefully they will help as she loves them as the girl ones have minnie mouse on so she refuses to wear a nappy now xx

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