Making the switch with Direct Debit

Making the switch with Direct Debit

Last month I shared the news that I’ll be working with Direct Debit to get the finances in order this Summer. Paying for the household bills by Direct Debit is really easy and once the instructions are in place to make the payments each month, it’ll free up a lot of my time and the bills will take care of themselves. This is great news for me as I won’t have a mid-month panic about whether I’ve paid them before the monthly deadline and I won’t have the added stress that I experience when checking the joint bank account to see if we’ve overspent and spent the money we need to pay off the bill!

It’s really easy to make the move to paying your monthly bills by Direct Debit and I can’t believe that I haven’t done this before now. It’s never too late to make the switch so the final bills that we currently pay manually each month (if I remember) include my Next Directory store card account, our joint bank credit card and our Council Tax bill.

How to make payments via Direct Debit

I wasn’t sure whether the switching process would be the same for all three bills so it’s best to do a little bit of research. You can usually find out about how to change payment methods on the monthly bill or online (if you have that facility) Also, it’s a good idea to make the arrangement to switch your payment methods just after you’ve paid the last monthly installment as you don’t want to miss a payment!

To switch to Direct Debit payments on my Next Directory store account card, all I needed to do was ring their customer services direct and we went through a process over the phone. I’ll be sent confirmation through the post and it’s all arranged. How simple!

To pay our joint credit card, I requested to pay my monthly bill by Direct Debit via our internet banking facility. It took less than five minutes to set up. I was given a statement to read regarding the Direct Debit arrangements and then I was asked to confirm that I was happy to proceed with the instruction. I’m now waiting for a confirmation letter to say that the Direct Debit has been set up with details of when the Direct Debit will be paid and how much money will leave our account.

DD guarantee

To pay our Council Tax, I went online and followed the onscreen instructions on my local Council’s website. I had to print off the completed instruction form for hubby’s signature (as the money each month will be coming from our joint account and they need his permission to use that account) and post it back direct to the Council to set up the Direct Debit. Again, a really simple process which took less than 10 minutes to sort out and I really should have done it sooner!

council tax

I have now instructed the above organisations to take monthly payments via Direct Debit and next month I can sit back and watch all our bills get paid without the usual stress. It will be so nice to see how much money is actually left in the joint account towards the end of the month without having to worry that we need to pay for something. I might even be able to start saving for next years holiday now, I can’t wait!

You can read more about how easy it is to switch the bills to Direct Debit here.

Don’t forget for every bill you switch to pay by Direct Debit, you can enter your details in the quarterly Freedom Guaranteed Prize Draw and you could win £5,000.

Disclosure: Post published in partnership with Direct Debit 

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