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As a working Mama, I’m pretty busy. I work four full days per week with a day off with Little Mr on Fridays and weekends are filled with family time, food shopping and household chores. The washing basket never empties itself and unfortunately nor does the dishwasher! The jobs are never ending and sometimes it’s really easy to forget the simplest of things; buy toilet roll from the supermarket, replace the curry powder in the kitchen cupboard you used up last Monday or pay the credit card bill! Whilst it’s easy to pop to the garage to pick up the toilet roll in a hurry, some things aren’t that easy to rectify and getting yourself into a bit of a mess financially is always a bit of a headache.

Luckily, there are ways to stop the monthly mind blur and one of those ways is by taking advantage of a free and easy secure service to help you pay the bills; Direct Debit.

In a nutshell, a Direct Debit is an instruction from you to your bank or building society to pay another account on an agreed date. 

We have many of our household bills already set up to be paid via Direct Debit each month; the mortgage, the gas and electricity services, our car insurance to name just a few. We know that at a certain date every month the monthly bills will automatically get paid from the money in our bank account and we don’t have to worry about them. The responsibility has been taken off us and we’re given peace of mind that the bill is paid.

We also have some bills that as yet are not set up to be paid via Direct Debit; my credit card, a store card account and our Council Tax. The monthly bill amounts on these accounts can vary (especially in light of how much or how little I use the credit card) so each month I try and remember to pay them as soon as I can but there have been times where I have forgotten only to be reminded when I realise there’s more money in the bank account than there should be (not always a good thing!)

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be making the switch from making my own rushed panicked payments to Direct Debit. The switching process looks easy and seems really safe and secure. Once it’s set up, there’ll be no last minute telephone calls to the credit card company to pay the bill. You can read more about the benefits here. There’s even the Direct Debit Guarantee which gives peace of mind that if there’s ever an error in the payment of your direct debit you’ll be entitled to a full refund from your bank or building society.

I’ll be making the change of the next couple of months to get the family budget back in line with Direct Debit and I can’t wait to enjoy the freedom of long lazy evenings on the sofa rather than on the phone panicking paying my overdue bills!

Want to win £5,000?

For every bill you switch to pay by Direct Debit, you can enter in to the Freedom Guaranteed Prize Draw to win £5,000. So not only could you save yourself some precious time, you could win a stash of cash to make that free time even more exciting! What’s not to love!

Disclosure: This post in association with Direct Debit 

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  • Reply Colette 29/07/2015 at 6:21 pm

    We pay around half our bills by direct debit & it really does make life so much easier. We just don’t have to think about them. We have a few more which we really ought to get set up so thank you for reminding me!

  • Reply Jemma 29/07/2015 at 10:50 pm

    I use direct debit for our main bills, and the rest by faster payments. It makes my life a lot easier, plus my bank account gives me ‘cashback’ for every direct debit i have, so win win for me.

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