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Everyone loves the sunshine. It’s great to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and soak up some fun in the sunshine but with little one’s it is really important to be sun safe and protect their delicate skin. On our recent holiday to Turkey we took along with us our Konfidence Sun Protection suit and hat for Little Mr to wear around the pool and on the beach.


The Konfidence Sun Protection suit is brilliant. It’s a Lycra onesie with a zip up the back and poppers around the crotch area for easy access to change nappies (on the suits aged 6-12 months and 1-2 years). The full length arms and legs give me peace of mind that I don’t need to start the arduous task of applying sunscreen to a wriggly toddler, who believe me will not sit or stand still long enough for me to apply sunscreen all over his body.

The suit instantly protects his skin from the suns harmful UV rays and I’m given reassurance by the suits clever UV colour changing technology. When in the sunshine, the Konfidence logos will change colour from white to blue so I instantly know when he’s being protected from the sunshine. There’s the large Konfidence logo on the chest, the five stars on the arm and a star on the neck of the suit which all change colour when the suit is in protection mode.


The suit is incredibly soft and feels lovely against my skin so it must be comfortable to wear. It’s also good to know that the suit has been tested for colour fastness and durability as Little Mr spent a great deal of time in the pool playing with his cousin and going up and down the slide and on the beach in the sand. It dries really quickly too which was great as Little Mr was able to wear it into the snack bar at lunch knowing that he wouldn’t get his pushchair wet or any chairs in the snack bar after a morning in the pool.

We were also very conscious of Little Mr’s head being exposed to the sunshine so we were delighted when Konfidence sent us their Sun Protection Hat to wear. The hat co-ordinates with the sun protection suit and provides protection for the head and neck from the sunshine. We thought we would have a battle on our hands with Little Mr wearing the hat (he always pulls them off) but the hat was a brilliant fit and stayed on his head throughout the day. The peak is larger than usual caps and helps to give extra protection to little faces against the sunshine. The hat has the same clever colour changing technology which changes the logo on the front and the stars on the back of the hat when it’s protecting little heads from the potentially harmful UV rays.


What we thought

After a week of thoroughly testing both the sun protection suit and hat we are really impressed and we love them! Little Mr was content and I was happy knowing that he was being protected from the UV rays when in the strong Turkish sunshine. The suit and hat dried out really quickly on the balcony and we had no problems with the suit or hat at all. I’ll be putting Little Mr in his suit and hat when he’s in the garden playing with his paddling pool and sandpit. Fingers crossed we get more glorious Great British weather this Summer.


The Konfidence Sun Protection suit is priced at £17.50. The Konfidence Sun Protection hat is priced at £8.00 and both are available to buy online here.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Sun Protection Suit and Hat as part of our Swimologist ambassador roles. All photographs and views are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review.

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