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in the night garden live

Yesterday Little Mr and I drove into Birmingham to watch In The Night Garden Live. It’s one of Little Mr’s favourite television shows that he watches at his Grandparents house during the week so I knew he would love to see the characters up close and personal.

We arrived at Cannon Hill Park with plenty of time to spare and as it was a beautifully warm and sunny day in Birmingham, the park was rammed full of families enjoying park life and parking was very limited. Top tip: Go earlier to bag a free parking space! 


We headed over the bridge to the showdome which is unmissable, a huge inflatable theatre right in the middle of the park. Doors open half an hour before the show starts so we showed our tickets and were welcomed into the theatre. We collected our free souvenir book and queued up inside the showdome. Little Mr loved looking at the brochure and pointing to Iggle Piggle. We were only waiting for ten minutes and then was allowed to go through into the seating area. Pushchairs must be left outside the seating area near the entrance so bear this mind when deciding what things to take with you or what things you don’t mind leaving in the pushchair out of your view.

The seating area within the showdome is split into premium and standard seating. Premium seats are allocated down at the front of the seating area by the stage with standard seating behind them. I decided to sit quite high up with Little Mr and sat about 4 rows from the back to the right of the stage. As there are only 13 rows of seats, everyone really does get a good view of the action.


Little Mr was in awe of the ITNG projections that were on the ceiling above the stage. The Pinky Ponk flew over head and he gasped in excitement and madly waved at it. I was delighted he took such an interest in the show before it had really started.

Don’t panic your little one won’t sit still

There were lots of families who had taken their little ones to see the show so the showdome was full of small children with parents equally worried that their child wasn’t going to sit still long enough or be quiet during the show. If you’re worrying too, let me put your mind at rest. It doesn’t matter. Little ones can stand, sit, lie down and do pretty much whatever they want and no-one will bat an eyelid. I was amazed that Little Mr sat down for the majority of the show. He sat next to me holding my hand, a seriously heart melting moment!

When the show started, little faces lit up when their favourite characters came onto the stage. Little Mr made his surprised ‘ohhhhhhh’ face and throughout the show, the delight on his face was brilliant.  He got up and waved at Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka and towards the end when they were dancing on stage, Little Mr was dancing and waving his arms around. It was so lovely to see him enjoy himself.

in the night garden live

There were a couple of scenes in the middle where Little Mr lost interest but I bribed him with a breadstick and some juice and he sat back down. Top tip: take your little one’s favourite snacks to keep them occupied if they lose concentration. 

It was quite warm in the showdome so I would recommend wearing light clothing and take a drink in for both you and the little one.

You can take lots of photographs during the show which is brilliant but flash photography is not allowed. Hence why my photography of the show is a bit amateurish!

During the show, bubbles are blown into the showdome to coincide with a particular scene. We were seated to the right of the stage and we were able to touch a few bubbles which added another sensory element to the show. Top tip: If you sit too far towards the front, you might miss out on the bubbles! 

in the night garden live

As the show ended we fetched our pushchair and made our way towards the exit. Of course, you have to walk past the ITNG shop and balloons to get out which is a great marketing ploy as every parent needs to buy their little one a little momento of the show. Little Mr took home a helium balloon with all his favourite characters on which he loved.

in the night garden live

There is also the opportunity to buy goody bags full of ITNG memorabilia and the chance for your child to meet one of their favourite characters. Details of both can be found online.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching The Pinky Ponk Show at In The Night Garden Live. Little Mr was engrossed for the majority of the show and he really enjoyed it all; the music, the characters and the length of the show (just under an hour) was perfect for little ones.


Standard tickets are priced from £14.50 with Premium tickets costing from £25 each.

Please note, every one entering the showdome will need a ticket including children. Babes in arms (under 6 months old) are charged at half the full child price which is rather disappointing considering they probably won’t watch a lot of it.

It is best to book online in advance to avoid disappointment as when we arrived today, a lot of the shows had sold out.

It may seem quite expensive but in my opinion, it is worth every penny to see the little one’s faces light up and enjoy the show. They will smile, they will laugh and they will join in and have fun. Definitely worth it!

Disclaimer: We were given free entry into In The Night Garden Live as part of my Local Ambassador role with Mumsnet. All words, photographs and opinions are my own. This forms an honest and reliable review. 

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