Things like this happen to other people..


It’s a week today that my lovely Dad had his heart attack. In fact, he had two last Sunday morning. The more we hear from the Doctors, the more I feel so incredibly lucky that he’s still with us. Lucky isn’t really the right word to use but it could have been a whole different story.

emma and dad april 2014.2

It’s times like these when we stop and think about how much of our life we take for granted. I never in a million years expected this to happen to our family. Things like this happen to other people. Yet, we are the other people.

We’re a strong bunch us Coopers, my Grandad was an incredibly strong man who fought in the second world war, worked hard at Dunlop in Birmingham and lived well up until the respectful age of 90. He battled cancer in his later years not that you would know it. He was a fit and active independent pensioner dancing away the night with his friends and going to the football (West Brom) on the bus of a weekend. It came as a huge shock when he passed away (nearly 7 years ago now) from a stroke and left a huge void in the Cooper family. The football was never the same. Oh how I miss those days sitting next to my Dad and my Grandad watching the Baggies play on a Saturday afternoon.

We’ve got a tough time ahead of us. My Dad needs a major heart operation, a triple bypass. I have no doubt that the hospital are going to look after him. He’s in very, very good hands. But I’ll still worry. He’s my Dad. We are a strong family and I’m sure through hugs, tears (mostly mine) and cups of tea (and coffee for Mom) Dad’s just going to do just fine.

Of course, the life we take for granted is so very precious and it’s made me think a lot (this is what happens when you get the shitt*st news on the weekend your hubby is away on his mates stag weekend with only the toddler for company!) 

work for a cause

Life isn’t mapped out for us, we tread our path every step of the way carving out our future as we go. I’m a strong believer in the saying “everything happens for a reason” and whilst I can’t explain why my Dad had his heart attack, I do believe it’s a second chance to look at life from a different perspective. Time to work hard on living and not living to work. Life is too damn short!


We’ve got a busy couple of weeks lined up and luckily hubby is on the end of term break to look after Little Mr. We’re having a family day out on Friday, at a wedding in Wales next weekend then off to Cornwall with Dad’s surgery sometime that week. As if I didn’t take enough photographs anyway, i’ll be taking even more now.

A big thank you to my Dad for letting me blog all about what’s happening. He knows how I like to write stuff down as a release and I’m grateful that I can use my blog as a stress buster, sleep is for wimps anyway! Love you Dad xx

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