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Over the Summer holidays, we had the pleasure of looking after our 5 year old nephew K. We love looking after him and Little Mr just adores him. He takes in every word K says and beams whenever he’s smiled at, sang at or K reads him a story. We tried to make our days together as fun as possible so we planned lots of activities including taking them both swimming.

K has recently had some swimming lessons which have made him a little more confident in the pool. He can jump in, splash about and swim with arm bands so we thought it would be fun to take him to the local leisure centre with Little Mr and have some fun in the water.

As we got changed we spoke to K about the importance of being sensible in the pool and the dangers of what could happen if he was silly in the water. We told him we’d be there with him and wouldn’t be far away and that it was good fun to practice our swimming skills. He was really excited to get into the water (even though it was freezing!) and we had a really fun 40 minutes practising our doggy paddle and putting our head in the water covering our ears. I used a couple of little tips with K at the pool which I think really helped him in the water.

fun in the pool

1) Make sure your child is wearing a real fun swimming costume or shorts they love and want to wear. There is a huge range of swimwear from Zoggs suitable for children.

2) Once in the pool, dunk yourself straight away and jump up out of the water to show the water you’re not scared of it and no doubt your child will copy you. (Obviously if they’re really scared, avoid this tip!)

3) Splash your childs forehead with a small handful of water to show them that water won’t hurt them and it’s fun to splash.

4) Take along with you some fun swimming goggles for kids and show your child what you can do with them. If you tell them they have super powers and let them look at peoples toes under the water they’ll be amazed and want to wear them (it’s true you can see peoples toes in the water!)

5) If your child is used to wearing armbands in the pool, don’t forget them! This could cause a mini meltdown even if the pool have some spare you could borrow

6) Most of all, have fun!

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