Thinking about my 31st year..


Disclaimer: This is a post in collaboration with The O2.

Last year on my big birthday, the one that begins with 3 and ends with 0, I was 6 months pregnant with Little Mr. I had a wonderful birthday with my hubby and was treated to lots of lovely presents and cards from friends and family. I was dreading turning 30 years of age and now 11 months on, I can’t really understand what I was so worried about. It’s been a marvellous year so far with a lovely family Christmas, the birth of my little man and an absolutely brilliant period of maternity leave with another month to go. It’s probably been one of the best years of my life.

mrsshilts birthday bump

I’m not sure what happens to us as we get older, perhaps we lose the magic of a birthday with it just being another year older but we really should celebrate. We’ve achieved another year of life, some years are uneventful and some are just crazily busy with events and milestones. This year as I turn 31, I want to be with my family and friends to celebrate the year. I want to celebrate with a glass of bubbly (as I couldn’t do that last year) and raise a toast to an absent friend who is dearly missed.

I’ve already been asked what I’d like for a gift this year and I’ve realised that I’m not really a materialistic person. I’ve got a charm bracelet which I like to collect charms for but only on special occasions so that each charm means something personal to me, for example my wedding anniversary or my 30th birthday. Other than that, I’d much rather have an experience (Spa day or Afternoon Tea), a day out in a new city somewhere or see a fabulous show (Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour is on my must see list) so that I can look back on it with fond memories, look at the photos I took (of course) and how much fun I had with those I love. I realise that I’m getting old as I’d have never said this in my early twenties. Just proves how you can change over time.

Do you celebrate birthdays? Do you prefer to spend them with family or do you like a lot of presents and gifts?

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