Everything but the kitchen sink


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I’m packing up our suitcases for our trip to Majorca this week and I’m sure I’ve pretty much packed everything we could ever need. We’re only staying away from home for 5 nights but if you looked at the size of our bags and suitcase you’d think we were going away for at least a month.

Travelling anywhere with a little one is challenging but travelling abroad with a baby is a whole new level. I’ve written lots of lists and gone through what we need on a daily basis to make sure I don’t forget anything. There’s a list for all the things we need when feeding (both formula and weaning), a list for sleeping, a list for changing and staying clean. I know it’s geeky but I like to call it being organised.


There is a lot to consider when taking a small baby abroad especially if you’re not breastfeeding or baby led weaning. I’ve been advised to take with me Little Mr’s powdered formula and will be using the ready-made liquid formula for our train and plane journeys. I’ve packed five days worth of puree for Little Mr but hope to give him suitable finger foods including fresh fruit whilst we’re away. He likes strawberries, pears and banana so I’m hoping I can get some of those on the buffet.

Nappies are pretty universal so I’m taking enough for our journey there and hoping to pop into a supermarket on arrival to stock up on supplies.

So far I’ve got everything we need in my suitcase, a holdall and my changing bag. I’m conscious of the luggage limit that we’ve got so only taking the absolute essentials. Still it does seem like I’m packing everything but the kitchen sink. I’m hoping the baggage handlers are kinder with my luggage than our last holiday abroad. One of our suitcases had the wheel snapped off in transit and the handle all bent out of shape. What do they do to our luggage on a plane? If something similar has happened to you and your suitcase is useless, you can get a great range of discount luggage from various companies online but if you visit Direct Luggage online you can pick out a bargain or two.

I’ll hopefully be blogging about our trip in the week. I’ll let you know how our journey goes and how Little Mr is handling the heat and the Spanish sunshine.. Eeeek this is very real now, wish us luck!

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  • Reply Evelyn Kelly 18/09/2013 at 7:42 am

    Emma I agree on your point that while traveling with baby there are many other things, which have to pack, as I am also a mom of a girl. Now I will just like to say that your trip goes well. Good luck!!!

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