5 creative ways to use lighting at home

It’s no good being in the dark about the lighting in your home and your lights do more than simply enable you to see when the natural light of day runs out. There are many simple, effective and most of all, creative ways to use lighting at home. From Wall accent lighting that makes a room appear that much brighter and larger to LED lights that can be a delightful decoration as well as functioning as as a light source, here are 5 creative way to use lighting at home.

1. Wall Accent Lighting

Wall accent lighting has become popular in the last decade with people who want an unobtrusive, yet effective light source. Wall accents shine up, instead of down and are particularly pleasing when your ceiling is white as it makes the room brighter while making it feel bigger that it’s actual size. Wall accent lighting is perfect for a small living room or hallway and can be a good alternative to table lamps like these.

2. Fluorescent Lighting

Offices up and down Britain may use them to brighten up their busy days but fluorescent lighting can look wonderful in a variety of colours at home too. It doesn’t have to be a ceiling light either, it could be a lamp that may accentuate your furniture nicely while giving a warm glow to the room. There are plenty of ways fluorescent lighting can be used at home.

3. Spotlight Lighting

You don’t have to be on stage to have a spotlight on you. You can use them to enhance the look of your wall decorations at home, they can be used in a small kitchen to save a bit more space or they can be used them in the bedroom to give it a more precise lighting scheme.

4. Chandelier Lighting

When you think of a Chandelier, you think of an exquisite country estate with a large ballroom or you may be reminded of that classic Only Fools and Horses episode where Grandad removes the wrong chandelier fitting to disastrous results. A small chandelier can look magnificent in a medium sized hallway and also extend the range of the lighting by means of its crystal droplets. Done right, chandeliers can look amazing in any room.

5. LED Lighting

LED, or Light Emitting Diodes, have been around since the 1960s when they were used for simple functions such as lighting control boards. Then in the 1980s they used them to power digital alarm clocks, a function in which they are still employed. Now, they can light up a whole room while also saving on the electricity bill. They can be arranged into a picture that lights up or used in a lamp. LED lights can be used in infinite ways that are both creative and fun.

Disclaimer: This guest post was contributed by Tesco Direct

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    Great! Lighting basics can be a great place to start, if you feel overwhelmed by all the options available. So you should learn basic lighting facts and the ways before you start planning your project.

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