Making a marriage survival kit… 2013 style!


Last year I wrote a post asking for ideas for a marriage survival kit for my friends wedding. The kit was a great success and as soon as my bestie told me she was getting married, I immediately started to plan some ideas for a similar kit for her hen do. She had invited a large group of friends so I knew that if we all pulled together we’d be able to give her a fantastic kit.

The hen do of the year was this weekend just gone and it was brilliant. We had afternoon tea and champagne at The Grosvenor, London which was very yummy and once we’d all had a bite to eat and a sup of the fizzy stuff, we presented the bride-to-be with our kit.

marriage survival kit

The kit included:

A ruler; a reminder that sometimes you need to a little bit flexible
Coffee; for those days when you just need a coffee hit after a hard night listening to the hubby snoring
Peanut butter; our bride-to-be’s fiancé loves Peanut Butter and so his family gave her a couple of jars to keep him happy!
Anadin; for when he has a ‘headache’ and you don’t!
Jar of chilli powder; to keep things spicy in the relationship
Chocolates; because life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get!
A picnic blanket; life is a picnic, so take time to relax and get wrapped up in each other
Love hearts; to keep things sweet
Tissues; to dab away any happy or sad tears
A willy bath plug; to have some fun when getting scrubbed up
The Good Wife guide; for reminders that you don’t have to be a good wife all of the time
Ear plugs; to block out snoring or the moaning
Pritt Stick; to help you stick together through the rough times
The Sex Game; to play when you’re feeling a little bored with each other
Sex tips for couples book; have some fun and enjoy one another
A little jar of honey; to keep things sweet
Camomile lotion; to help when hubby starts spouting bs!

I’d sent a message to the guests asking them to bring along a gift for the kit and everyone joined in and it was a huge success. I was so pleased that out of a group of 30 ladies, we didn’t get many duplicates at all. The bride-to-be was overwhelmed and had a lovely time reading each of the tags and guessing which gift came from which friends. Definitely worth a go if you’re organising a hen do for a friend.

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