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Based on my own experience, maternity clothes are expensive. Being a plus-sized mummy-to-be I’ve struggled to find clothes that fit well and actually suit me. I really didn’t want to look like a beached whale wearing a tent again so have strayed away from really loose fitting clothing. I don’t want to appear larger than I actually am!

So, with only 11 weeks of my pregnancy left, my daytime maternity wardrobe is quite limited. I was very lucky that a friend gave me her entire maternity wardrobe with pieces that she’d only worn on a couple of occasions so I’ve been able to add to the collection with a few key items on my very limited budget that I’m hoping will see me through until February.

1. Next Sequin Jumper 2. Asda Maternity Jersey Tops 3. JoJo Maman Bebe Jeans
4.   Asda Maternity Cotton Tops 5. Next Suede High Top Trainers 6. Next Pumps 7. Asda Maternity Leggings

Disclaimer: For the purpose of a review, I was sent a pair of Jeans from JoJo Maman Bebe to try out and I was thoroughly impressed. The jeans are a really good fit, very comfortable to wear and a lovely length in the leg. As a plus sized model (ha ha) I was worried about how their sizing would come up but I needn’t of worried. The best feature of the straight leg maternity jeans for me was the deep over-the-bump jersey waistline which helps keep my BabyShilts bump all tucked up perfect for these cold and blustery Autumn days.

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