Seven deadly sins


After weigh in on Tuesday, I came home and ate like a pig! I chuffed my way through my dinner then proceeded to raid the cupboards for goodies.. We don’t usually have much in but I came across 3 Milky bars (my nephews), an Aero biscuit (hubby’s lunchbox treat), a KitKat (random leftover in the fridge) and a whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange (one of hubby’s stash from Christmas). Yes, I ate all of it. What a greedy cow!? My excuse was that I’d been good all through the previous week and with thanks to Mother Nature, the chocolate got it. So after binge eating my way through the cupboards I got straight back on the wagon on Wednesday morning and have been on track since.

I saw the theme of this post on Lauren’s blog earlier in the week and it made me chuckle. Both Lauren and I have lost a considerable amount of weight between us but we still have our moments with chocolate. I guess that proves we are VERY normal!

Most money spent in one purchase? 
Aside from buying the house with hubby and buying my car, the most money I’ve ever spent in one purchase is probably on a holiday. We went to Cyprus for a weeks all inclusive sun, sea and sand. It was an amazing holiday and one that has set the standard for our trips abroad in the future. 

Wrath: Do you have any love/hate relationships?
I have a love/hate relationship with my Iphone. I love my phone. It is so useful. I can text, phone, check and send emails, tweet, update Facebook, surf the net, update my blog, play games, track my weight loss, check my bmi, check my bank balance, buy from Amazon* (other shops are available) BUT the battery life on it is terrible. I charge it every night and by 1pm it’s got about 34% left. It’s totally buggered. 

Gluttony: What do you over indulge in?
Goodies in the form of chocolate, sweets, cake etc.. If I have a ‘treat’ it’ll tend to be of the sweet variety and could probably eat it until I’m sick. I haven’t had jelly beans for a while because I over did it at Christmas on a huge box I was given and since then I haven’t had the craving for any.

Sloth: What is your lazy habit? 
My lazy habit is  probably having a bath. How gross does that make me sound? I would much rather have a shower any day of the week.  Except our shower is out of action at the moment so I have to physically make myself go and force myself to have a bath. Don’t fret, I do wash everyday.

Pride: What gives you confidence and makes you proud?
I’m very proud that I’m a graduate twice over. I’ve got my 2:1 degree in Leisure and Tourism and Management and my Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources. I could use the letters Ba (Hons) after my name if I wanted to but I don’t. However I do use the letters ‘Chartered MCIPD’ after my name in my work emails. As a Human Resources professional, I’m pleased I’ve established myself in a profession where qualifications and experience are highly regarded and I’m proud of myself for achieving that status. 

Lust: What or who do you lust over?
I lust over a debt-free existence. I’m jealous of people who get their monthly salary and don’t have to use almost half of it on student debt. Hopefully in two or three years we’ll be free of it but until then I’ll keep paying off my bills and keep whinging about it. I don’t regret it though because without spending all that money through my uni years I wouldn’t be in the life I’m in now and I do love my life!  

Envy: What are you envious of?
I’m envious of ladies who are comfortable in their own skin. I would love to feel confident being plus sized but I’m not. I’d love to put some clothes on and feel sexy and attractive but I don’t. I’m hoping at some point on this weight loss journey I’ll be able to feel a bit more comfortable with myself. It is starting to happen but only ever so slightly…

What are your 7 deadly sins? I’d love to read them {sig} 

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  • Reply Jacqueline 10/03/2012 at 1:30 am

    EM! What a great post! Im going to have to think on this one… You are AMAZINGLY brave for putting it all out there. I sure am glad to call you friend!

  • Reply Caroline 19/03/2012 at 5:34 pm

    What a great idea for post! I enjoyed reading about your sins, might well do a similar post of my own tomorrow. I particularly related to your comments iPhone – I feel exactly the same about mine!

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