You’ve gotta aim for the stars…or the shoes!

Despite a crappy cold I’ve been suffering with all week and not being able to do any exercise, I’m remaining on track this week. Following my last post, I’ve been thinking about how to reward myself when I get to certain goals. I need incentives and something to look forward to. I’m aiming high and being realistic. So here’s the lowdown..

Next stone bracket reward: I have 12lb until I get into the next stone bracket. I want to lose that 12lb by the end of March (at the latest!) and when I do, I’m going to treat myself to a pair of these little beauties. I’ve never seen these before (I live a sheltered life, shoewise) but I have fallen in love with these from Irregular Choice and want a pair.


Total loss of 5 stone / 70lb reward: I’ve got 15.5lb to lose until I’ve lost a total of 5 stone with WW and to celebrate the milestone I want another pair of gorgeous Irregular Choice shoes. I want to own a pair of these very cute shoes. I’d wear them with a black dress and tights or be brave and buy a red skater dress to team with polka dot accessories. I have none of those clothes so would need to buy some but hey, that’s what an incentive is all about. Since I’ve been dieting my shoe size has gone down by one which is great as now I can fit into ‘normal’ shoes.


Total loss 75lb reward: I’m going to treat myself to a new dress to wear with the shoes above so I can go out for an Italian meal at my favourite restaurant with my hubby. I love Italian food especially pizza, garlic bread and pasta carbonara (drools!) It’s all full of calories and pretty pointy (PPwise) but as a one off treat I don’t see why I can’t’d be a celebration anyway!

I’ve got lots of other ideas for rewards as I lose a bit more weight but I’ll blog about those a bit nearer to achieving them. This year is full of goals that I can achieve and with incentives like this, I’m gonna do my bloody hardest to reach them! {sig}

Emma Shilton

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