What’s my motivation?


Feel like I’ve wasted most of January (on the diet front) to be honest.. 3 weeks in and only lost 3lb. I suppose it’s better than gaining so I should be pleased with that.

I’ve been reading some new blogs of late and am quite jealous how motivated and enthusiastic newbies to WW are about losing weight. All I keep thinking is…that used to be me. Why am I not like that anymore?

I need to stay motivated and having thought about what motivates me to keep going I’m going to write them down so I can achieve them!

1) I want to be a mummy, plain and simple. One way to achieve this is for me to be at my healthiest and so obviously losing weight is still top of my priorities.

2) I want to wear dresses like this…

My gorgeous friend Jen blogged about this dress recently (You can read her fab fashion inspired blog here) and I fell in love with it. I’ve also seen various other versions (did you see Lorraine Kelly in her dress for the National Television Awards…gorgeous!) and I want one.

For me to feel comfortable in such a dress, I need to lose more weight and be happy with having my pins and arms on show. Legs can be covered with thick black tights but my arms are not so easy to cover up!

Perhaps I’ll be slim enough to wear one for next Christmas!

3) I want to wear smaller sized clothes. I’m still wearing plus sized clothes and it’s cack! I want to be able to go in any clothes shop and pick up an item and for it to fit. Ideally I want to be 14-16 as I don’t think I’d look right any smaller but who knows until I get anywhere remotely close.

4) We have been invited to two weddings this year. One in May and another in August so I’ve got 4 months to make a difference. I’ll be needing a new outfit for the first wedding and hopefully a second outfit for the other. New clothes are definitely my inspiration.

5) I’ve got another hospital appointment in June. Another chance to show the Doctors that I can lose weight and keep it off.  And I guess, another chance to prove to people about how serious I am about wanting to start a family.

So I have plenty to achieve and to look forward to. I just need to remember these when I’m having a moment and reaching for the crap!  {sig}

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  • Reply Chantelle 26/01/2012 at 7:35 pm

    We all go through this Emma, I’m just getting my mojo back after a month! I wish I had some advice to help but for me I just felt like I needed the break. I stopped for awhile and re assessed where I was at. Made a few important decisions and ready to continue the journey again!

  • Reply Ele-in-Flight 27/01/2012 at 8:17 am

    Your post has described me almost to a T!!! I too have lost the grand total of 3lbs and so want to wear those wonderful clothes and I love the tartan too. You can do it – you’ve been an inspiration on your journey. Your motivation will be back :)

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