Dublin 2011


Dublin has got to be one of the friendliest places I have ever been too. We had a great flight over to Dublin with Aer Lingus and was ever so chuffed that the airplane seatbelt fit with plenty of strap left over (that wouldn’t have happened 3 years ago!) After such a short flight we caught a bus to the hotel and had half an hours rest in the bar with a well deserved drink.

Although our room wasn’t available we were able to check in our luggage and pick up our freebies (2 tickets to the Guinness Storehouse, a token for a 3 course evening meal at the hotel and access to the Executive Lounge). We had decided to go and visit the Guinness Storehouse first so made our way into the City Centre. We got lost but some friendly Dubliners helped us find our way and a very helpful bus driver even took us on a free bus journey to find the correct bus stop for the Storehouse. 

The Guinness Storehouse was brilliant. It’s amazing to see the story of the brews history unfold in full glory. As you walk up to the entrance you get a whiff of barley (which reminded me of wheatabix) which reminds you that this is where the stuff is actually made. The Storehouse was 7 floors high full of interesting information detailing not only the history but the advertising and marketing of the good stuff. I did ‘test’ the black stuff and on a good day I would have really liked it. Unfortunately my stomach was very delicate and I was unable to take full advantage! Hubby was in heaven as he absolutely loves Guinness. It’s his drink. I think he managed about 5 pints on Monday but didn’t want to overdue it so took it steady. We took in the views over the city from the Gravity Bar on the 7th floor and decided to call it a day. We headed back to the hotel and got ready for our 3 course meal. I was absolutely gutted as the menu looked amazing but I really wasn’t hungry but managed a few mouthfuls of an apple, walnut and chicken salad starter, a few mouthfuls of my main which was penne arrabiata and the honeycomb ice cream for dessert. The waiter was worried why I hadn’t eaten much and I just had to reassure him I was full.

On Tuesday we had open top bus tickets as a present for hubby from his parents and to our suprise there was a courtesy bus waiting outside our hotel for guests. We jumped onboard and got ready for the tour. The weather was cool but dry perfect for sightseeing. We went past all the major tourist sights and was able to take in the Irish air. We wanted to stop off at the Temple Bar area of the city as its renowed for its pubs and bars. Hubby was happy to see the original Temple Bar and stepped inside for a pint or two.

 We then strolled onto a second pub called  Oliver St. John Gogarty where there was traditional Irish music being played and hubby eyed up the menu. He had a massive Guinness and Steak pie with chips and salad for an amazing €6.50 which is just short of £6 in British pounds. What a bargain!  We would have loved to have stayed longer to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the bar but I wasn’t feeling very well and we returned to the hotel.

We were rudely woken at 5am Wednesday morning by the hotels fire alarm. Apparently one of the guests had set it off accidently and woke the whole hotel up. Luckily it went off after about a minute so we didnt have to evacuate the hotel in our pjs. The rest of Wednesday was enjoyed taking in more views of Dublin and getting a few souvenirs. I bought a Dublin City hoody to add to my ever increasing collection of hoodies (I’m all for comfort!).

Our trip to Dublin was brilliant, I’m just gutted I couldn’t enjoy it properly. If we were to go again, I’d like to hire a car and take in the views of the city from the Wicklow Mountains and see the coast. Maybe next year, hubby isn’t likely to say no so I think i’m on to a winner there.. {sig}  

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  • Reply flutter 15/04/2011 at 11:49 pm

    Woot!! I’m glad you enjoyed Dublin.. It’s funny when you look at the pics to think, I was there too..

    My fave too was The Guinness Storehouse. Although I was getting a bit worried going all round the back streets to get to it lol..I hate Guinness but of course I had to pour a pint from there, I mean c’mon its the irish law!! I liked Temple Bar too especially all those knick knacky shops.. And of course pubs hahahahaha!! I personally wouldnt got back to Dublin simply cos it was way to Londony for me. I would though love to go out more in the country and see the ‘real’ Ireland..

    Welcome Home Mrs Shilts xx

  • Reply hoopylass 18/04/2011 at 11:25 am

    Glad to hear you enjoyed dublin – I love the place and would love to go back!

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