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  • Synfree Spicy Stuffed Peppers Recipe

    Both my husband and I love spicy food and we had heard a family friend talk about how lovely spicy stuffed peppers were to have for dinner so we thought we would give them…

  • Synfree Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe

    We love using our slow cooker at home and this synfree slow cooker beef stew recipe is simple and easy to do and tastes amazing! In the past, we’ve not had much luck with…

  • The best soup ever | Synfree Scotch Broth

    I‘m having a bit of a love affair with soup at the moment; it’s warming, filling and satisfyingly cheap to make a huge batch for work lunches for next to nothing. Since buying my…

  • Synfree Spaghetti Bolognese

    One of my favourite meals on the Slimming World plan is a synfree Spaghetti Bolognese. I love that’s it’s packed full of vegetables, all of which are speed veg and it’s a great recipe…

  • Slimming World Half A Syn Chocolate Brownies

    When I came across this recipe for Slimming World friendly chocolate brownies, I was a little bit skeptical. How can something so delicious taste so good and be so low in syns? The recipe…

  • Summer Salsa | Spice up your salads

    If you’ve been following my instagram feed for a while now, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been enjoying my salads with a spoonful or two of summer salsa added to the plate. I just…

  • The magic of scan bran

    After last weeks expected gain on the scales, I knew I wanted to shake things up a bit and had asked in my SW group what people do to get back on track and…

  • burger in a bowl

    Recipe: SW friendly burger in a bowl

    When I first started Slimming World I was really keen to find meals that both my husband and I could enjoy together and Slimming World lets you do just that. There’s so many different meals…