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Me and Mine

A collection of posts taking part in the Me and Mine photography project; a monthly family portrait to treasure and to capture the memories

  • Me and Mine October2017

    The Me and Mine Project {October 2017}

    Autumn has well and truly arrived this month. The leaves are falling and painting the pavements all shades of golden yellow, red and green. The weather has turned cooler and the nights are drawing…

  • Me and Mine September 2017

    The Me and Mine Project {September 2017}

    September was a month I was dreading in all honesty. I wasn’t looking forward to Olly starting his schooldays as I knew there would be tears from both of us. I’m pleased that he…

  • Me and Mine August 2017

    The Me and Mine Project {August 2017}

    We’re another month down, August has just flown by hasn’t it? It’s been a very productive month for us as a family. As we had our family holiday back in June, we couldn’t really…

  • The Me and Mine Project {July 2017}

    July was a pretty epic month for us all as it was the month that we told the world that we were expecting a baby. I was so excited to be able to share…

  • Meeting Jessie June Me and Mine

    The Me and Mine Project {June 2017}

    June was one of the months that we were so excited to welcome. It was the month of our family holiday and we couldn’t wait to spend some time away just the three of…

  • Me and Mine May

    The Me and Mine Project {May 2017}

    May has been another busy month for us. We’ve had weekends away (three in fact; Penkridge, Manchester and Warwickshire) and although it’s been busy we’ve been able to spend some time together which has…

  • Me and Mine April 2017

    The Me and Mine Project {April 2017}

    We started the month on the countdown to Easter and Olly was really pleased that he got two whole weeks off school. I was slightly jealous but loved having some time off myself and…

  • Me and Mine March 2017

    The Me and Mine Project {March 2017}

    The month of March had so much promise and yet it’s been a bit of a blur. There’s been so much going on, I’ve literally lived for the weekends. I know it means I’m wasting…

  • The Me and Mine Project {February 2017}

    February has been a really good month for us. We had long awaited appointments, a family break away to the coast and a fourth birthday to celebrate. I wrote just yesterday how February is the month…

  • The Me and Mine Project {January 2017}

    January has been a rather productive month for us in the Shilton household. We’ve had weekends of down time with very little plans but used the time wisely to crack on with much needed jobs around…