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It’s a dilemma that pops up every so often around the table at family get togethers, should you save travelling the world for your retirement or should you embrace the ‘here and now’ way of life and pack your bag, pick up your passport and head to the airport. Of course, it’s not always that simple. There’s lots to consider for both viewpoints; age, accessibility and finances to name just a few. 

Save the travelling for retirement

Two of the biggest constraints for travelling is having family commitments and lack of money. When you’re young and fresh out of school or university money is limited, you might not have any family commitments tying you to stay at home but the funds to help you see the world are limited. It’s no doubt that travelling is expensive; airfares aren’t cheap, hotels can be expensive and the foreign exchange rate from the English pound can be off putting.

Lots of people put off travelling the world to buy a house, settle down and start a family. It’s a natural progression through life that motivates you to succeed. Perhaps a qualification helps you attract the job with a certain income and then having a certain income helps you buy your first home, there’s always DIY to do and then there’s holidays and cars. Maybe you want to start a family and we all know that babies and children don’t come cheap, being one of the most expensive commitments in life.

Home improvement is a big barrier to travelling as it always costs a lot more than first estimated. Big jobs like new kitchens with integrated appliances, designer worktops and white goods and adaptable bathrooms with walk-in showers and Jack and Jill sinks are all a pretty penny. Owning a home is a big financial commitment so it’s inevitable you would want to improve the house to attempt to increase its value year on year.

Saving disposable income for travelling in retirement is common and lots of people look forward to the days when they don’t have to work everyday and family members can look after themselves and can enjoy a life of retirement; seeing the world at their own pace, enjoying new cuisines and experiencing new cultures.

travelling in retirement

Travel the world here and now

However, travelling the world needn’t be just for your retirement years. If you’re fit and well, what’s to hold you back? The world is changing so rapidly that one country that is freely accessible today may not be in 10 or 20 years. Sadly, civil wars and political unrest can dramatically change a country’s access to travellers. Sadly, the world you want to see now will very probably look very different in years to come.

Travelling as a family is a risk but one that no undoubtedly has many benefits. There’s no school on earth that can teach you about seeing different cultures first hand. Hearing different languages and learning how to communicate with those who speak differently is invaluable. Whilst the experiences are incredible, are they providing their children with roots to settle down with? Will they know where ‘home’ is? Where will they return to in the future?

Whilst travelling with a family can be a challenge, it can also be a huge adventure. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and perhaps we should all be experiencing new cultures and traditions to open our eyes a little.

What are your views? Do you love to see the world or are you saving it for your retirement?

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  • Reply Lee Nelson 05/07/2019 at 3:16 pm

    We are currently travelling in our 30s and had contemplating waiting until retirement. For us, it was about travelling while we could enjoy it and we just weren’t sure we would have our health…

    Either way, whatever someone decides, it is ALWAYS the right time to travel!

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