Baby’s First Christmas – Rachel and Isla

An Interview with - Baby's First Christmas

Continuing my nosey at Baby’s First Christmas plans, traditions and practices, is an interview with fellow blogger Rachel who’s daughter Isla will be celebrating her first Christmas this year. 

An Interview with - Baby's First ChristmasHello Rachel, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your family?

Hi, I’m Rachel, mum to baby Isla and 2 year old Olivia. We live down in Cornwall 10 minutes away from the beach. I will be going back to work in January, but only part time this time around. As a family we love to go for walks in the forest around the corner from us at the weekends. Spending time together is very important to us.

Rachel Bustin family

What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas?

I always make my own Christmas cake and do lots of baking for Christmas. I’ve booked us in to go and see Santa and his reindeer the Sunday before Christmas. It will be our first time. I’m taking Isla to her Christmas Baby Sensory class in the lead up to Christmas.

Will you be starting any new traditions or keeping up with any old ones? 

Keeping to old traditions, I’m not a huge lover of change!

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

This is my first Christmas without Dad, he passed away in April 3 days before Isla was born. My husband’s Dad passed away last year, so both our Mums and siblings are all coming to us this year. 13 in total including 4 children. It’s going to be tough without Dad.

What will Isla be wearing on Christmas Day?

I bought her a little red Christmas outfit in September before I took her to BlogOn, so I’m hoping it will still fit!

What gifts will you be buying for Isla for her first Christmas, if any?

To be honest we still have all of my 2 year olds toys, from when she was a baby, which are all fairly new. Is it mean to say we probably won’t buy her very much?

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with Isla this year? 

I think I will be making some Christmas cards with her, using her foot! I’m not really a crafty person but I could do this!

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas and how are you going to make it special? 

Spending time with everyone. My older sister lives in Canada so it’s always good catching up with her when she comes home. We will be taking lots of photos and enjoying ourselves.

Will Isla be visiting Father Christmas this year? And do you still believe? 

Yes we are meeting him at our local hotel resort. Yes I still believe, and always will. It’s what makes Christmas.

Wishing you all a very happy First Christmas with Isla..x

Rachel blogs at Rachel Bustin

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