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An Interview with - Baby's First Christmas

Continuing my nosey at Baby’s First Christmas plans, traditions and practices, is an interview with fellow blogger Abi who’s son Henry will be celebrating his first Christmas this year. 

An Interview with - Baby's First ChristmasHello Abi, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your family?

My name is Abi and I’ve been with my husband Craig for 12 years, married for 6 this year.  We have two boys together – Alfie who is three, and a crazy bundle of energy and Henry who is currently 9 months and a lot more chilled compared to his big brother. Henry was born in January 2018 so this is going to be his first Christmas!

Baby's First Christmas - Abi Something About Baby

Abi and her family

What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas?

I am a huge Christmas fan and as I’m on maternity leave this year, I’ll be planning lots of Christmas themed fun.  We already have a Christmas train ride and our annual visit to Father Christmas booked, as well as a Christmas themed photo shoot.  We’ll also visit our local zoo who put on a fab Christmas evening event every year and I want to do some Christmas themed crafts and activities at home. Henry is at a lovely age that he can join is as well rather than just watching from the sidelines.

Will you be starting any new traditions or keeping up with any old ones? 

We started a couple of traditions when Alfie was born and will continue these with Henry. We’ve bought him a Christmas Eve box that matches his big brother’s and I always include a Christmas decoration for the tree so will continue that this year. We also have a tradition of Craig and Alfie putting the angel on the Christmas tree together, so this year Henry will also get involved!

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

We will be spending Christmas Day with my family this year – there will be about 15 of us altogether, including 9 children so Henry’s first Christmas is set to be a bit crazy and manic but so much fun!

What will Henry be wearing on Christmas Day?

I haven’t yet bought Henry’s Christmas day outfit, but I would to try and get him and Alfie a matching Christmas shirts. If I get time, I’d love to see Henry a pair of Christmas dungarees as well!  We will also all have matching Christmas Eve pjs!

What gifts will you be buying for Henry for his first Christmas, if any?

As Henry will be nearly 11 months old for his first Christmas, he will definitely enjoy opening his first Christmas presents! I have bought him a Grimm’s big rainbow for his main present and then a stocking full of lovely little toys like a jigsaw puzzle, some wooden balls and of course the traditional Disney DVD to build up our collection!

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with Henry this year? 

I’d love to make some salt dough Christmas decorations for the tree this year with both boys.  We will also make some personalised Christmas cards from the boys to our family and friends.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas and how are you going to make it special? 

I am most looking forward to seeing our boys enjoy their first Christmas together. Henry is at such a lovely age, and Alfie is at an age where he is understanding more about Christmas, so I can’t wait to see how they enjoy it together this year.  I am going to make it special by being in the moment, letting the boys enjoy it for what it is and try not to make everything “perfect”.

Will Henry be visiting Father Christmas this year? And do you still believe? 

We will be visiting Father Christmas this year – I try very hard to only visit him once to make it more special, and this year I’ve booked a very exciting experience which I can’t wait to take the boys to!  I certainly do believe in the magic of Father Christmas!

Wishing you all a very happy First Christmas with Henry..x

Abi blogs at Something About Baby

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