Our Shilton boys // October 2018

Boys Siblings October 2018

This month has just flown by. We’re well into the throws of the regular school run and nap times and we’re just a week away from half term which both of my boys are looking forward to. No rushing around in the morning or trying to cram everything into the space of six hours which sounds a lot but when you’ve got to feed Freddie and make sure he has his naps at regular times it doesn’t leave much time left. 

Boys Siblings October 2018

I love this photograph of my boys. It was taken after Freddie and I had walked to school to go and fetch Olly and he was so pleased to see his big brother. Freddie’s face lights up and he just beams at him. I think, quite possibly, that Olly is his absolute favourite person in his entire world. He just loves him. Olly makes him laugh, sings him songs and is generally such an entertainer to his little brother, it’s beautiful to watch them both.

Having said that, they both have their moments with each other when they just want to be left alone. Usually when Freddie’s tired or just woken up from his nap, he doesn’t need the full interaction from Olly and that’s something that perhaps Olly needs to learn for future Freddie happiness. Similarly there are times when Olly just wants ten minutes alone playing with his toys or some chill out time on the sofa with his tablet. Freddie just wants to play and get more laughs out of Olly.

Siblings October 2018

This month the boys have had chances to twin with their outfits again. I think they look really cute and Freddie is the double of Olly at a similar age. The boys wore these outfits for a family party and a family meal. Both dinosaur top and skinny jeans are from Next. They both wash really well and have so far worn well too.

Siblings 2018

This photograph was taken just before the family party and you can see Olly was getting a little frustrated with Freddie who will not sit still for photographs. He’s a right little monkey, wriggling off the bed and giving us heart failure as he knows no danger!

The next four weeks are going to be interesting. We’ve got a week and a bit of half term to enjoy and the boys will be spending a lot of time with each other. Hopefully they’ll both get on well and enjoy each others company.

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    Aww, they are so cute together – you can see how much they love each other. Love the dino tops too :) #SiblingsProject

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