A visit to Woburn Safari Park // #ShakeTesters

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

If you ask Olly for ideas of a day out he’d like to do, he’ll almost always give us an answer that includes a form of transport (trains, planes, buses he’s not too fussy) or animals. He loves seeing animals especially ones that are a little bit different so a day out on safari at Woburn Safari Park was right up his street. 

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park in Milton Keynes is about a 90 minute drive from us in the West Midlands. It’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to go and we couldn’t wait to visit. We didn’t really know what to expect apart from seeing lots of different animals so we packed the car up and headed down for a family day out.

On arrival at Woburn, the first stop was the toilet! It sounds mad but essential given that once you drive up the road safari path, you’re trapped in your car for a good hour or so with nowhere to spend a penny!

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

We first saw a Rhinoceros just casually crossing the road and that got me all excited. I couldn’t believe how close they were to us, they were huge! Olly was equally as excited and started asking me lots of questions about them, which of course, I knew very little about. I love how interested he is in new things.

The road safari is split into various areas; Northern Plains, Savannah Grasslands, Kingdom of the Carnivores, Giraffe Junction and African Forest so as you drive through each one, you see a variety of animals.

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

Our favourite section of the road safari was the Kingdom of the Carnivores and this is home to tigers, wolves, bears and lions. We saw the North American Black Bear roaming about and it was right next to our car. I couldn’t believe how close it was to us. Such a thing of beauty. We drove on and saw the African Lions which were beautiful. They’re such majestic creatures. We spotted the Park Rangers in their 4x4s watching on as some of the pride moved about in the grass, they all decided sunbathing and resting was the order of the day and who can blame them!

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

I loved seeing the Giraffe. I was surprised at how many giraffe there were to see and just loved watching them. Unfortunately you can’t just stop and take five to watch them, you have to keep your cars moving at all times which is understandable I guess, they are wild animals after all.

As we were in my husbands car, he was a little reluctant to take us through the African Forest, home to the Barbary Macaques and East African Mountain Bongo. You can miss out this section of the track if you want but both Olly and I wanted to see if the monkeys would jump on our car so forced him to drive us through it.

We couldn’t believe how brave the Macaques were! They were jumping all over the larger 4×4 cars and vans and it was brilliant to watch. This did make Shilts a little nervous about his car but we were fine, thankfully our car wasn’t as attractive as the minibus in front of us.

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

We then parked up the car and explored the rest of the safari park where there was lots more to see and do. First up, the boys went on a Swan Boat whilst me and Freddie went for a walk around the lake. Luckily it wasn’t too busy so the boys were on a boat within 15 minutes. Next up, Olly and I went on the train which looped around the top half of the park and through the field of deer. It was a lovely little ride that Olly enjoyed.

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

There’s also a farm for little ones to explore where there’s goats and chickens. Olly loved petting the goats as they were really friendly. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the bouncy castle, in the soft play ark, watching the Red Panda walk across his rope and watching the Sea Lions splash about. We had a brilliant time!

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

Taking the role as #ShakeTester very seriously this summer

We’re working with Yazoo this year as their #ShakeTesters and so we made sure we packed a selection of their No Added Sugar drinks in the car with us. One of the best things about Yazoo No Added Sugar, apart from them tasting great (in 3 great flavours; strawberry, chocolate and banana) and having no added sugar, is that you can drink them straight from the bottle with the attached straw, without being refrigerated. Perfect for days out during the summer holidays.

Yazoo ShakeTesters Woburn Safari Park

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Disclosure: We are working with Yazoo this summer as their Shake Testers and was kindly sent to Woburn for our family day out. 

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